Weekend Wear

we've made it to friday! it's felt like a long week to me, so i'm definitely looking forward to this final workday before kicking my feet up this weekend. if you've been around here this week, this is the last installment of chambray week! i've enjoyed sharing outfit ideas for wearing chambray and this last one is about how you can style it for the weekend. paired with the right accessories and accents, it can be worn all weekend long but look entirely different with each outfit. here are a few ideas for transitioning chambray from a fun friday night, to a casual saturday, and a bit of a fancier sunday:
chambray | J.Crew Factory
top | Lush
denim | AG
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie
hat | Michael's Craft Store (similar)
chambray | J.Crew Factory (similar)
cardigan | Target
denim | ZARA
purse | Kate Spade
chambray | J.Crew Factory (similar)
jacket | Lou & Grey
denim | Calvin Klein (old)
bag | target
necklace | J.Crew Factory

just a few changes in what you pair the chambray with and you have a totally different style of outfit for whatever occasion you might need! 

hope you have a great weekend! 


Pattern Mixing with Chambray

aside from the 6-week long phase in middle school (hello, popped collar!), i've never really considered preppy as a word to describe my style. especially after living in the south for over two years, i know that i cannot fit into the real group of prepsters around. however, chambray is one of those pieces in my closet that would argue my non-preppy ways. and so, on days when i'm feeling anything but proper and collected, i like to use a chambray top in a bit of an 'edgier' outfit. actually, i don't even think i can call this outfit edgy because it involves polka dots, but you know what i'm getting at. used as a layering piece, this chambray shirt is the perfect base for a look that combines patterns, textures, or even different colors. add a bright lip and your favorite boots and you're good to go! 

chambray | J.Crew Factory
cardigan | Target
jeans | Madewell (old)
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie
watch | c/o Daniel Wellington
lip | Poppy by Bite


Chambray Layers

in continuation of chambray week, today's look is one of my favorites. you guys know that neutrals are the way to my heart, so this little ensemble walked itself right on. one of the reasons i love a good chambray shirt is because i feel put together without feeling stuffy. the structure, collar, and button-up aspect of the shirt adds a little more style to a look than just a tee. i particularly love how this popover pairs with my new favorite drape front cardigan:

happy wednesday! 

chambray | J.Crew Factory (similar)
drape front cardigan | Lou & Grey (similar)
pants | Gap
booties | DSW
initial necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie
crystal necklace | Stella & Dot
long necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie
bangle | Loren Hope
watch | Kate Spade


Saturday Style | 06

we had a beautifully mild weekend in the city, but if i'm being honest, i didn't spend much time outside. i had every intention of running errands and going to the gym saturday morning, but i forgot that i had a date with Netflix that i couldn't cancel ;) and then the same thing happened on sunday, plus a jigsaw puzzle and a little reorganizing of my closet, so i enjoyed the sunshine through my windows. 

separately, i've been on a chambray-wearing kick lately, so this week is sort of dedicated to outfits featuring it. it's one of those things that can be dressed up or down and worn in every season, so it's a great piece to figure out how to style differently. one of my favorite ways to wear it is layered under a popover sweater like this, for a more structured look. 

chambray top | Target (similar)
sweater | J.Crew (similar)
jeans | ZARA (similar)
booties | DV by Dolce Vita
necklace | c/o Vestique (similar)
watch | Kate Spade
bangles | Elisabeth Ashlie


Just Call Me, "Rambles"

i woke up this morning and felt the need to ramble about things. most that are of not much significance, but just as ramble-worthy. so, you are in for a treat today. 

first, and of actual importance, if you are a regular High Five for Friday participant, you can now link up with these ladies: Tif at Bright on a Budget, Caitlin at Coffee with Caitlin, Katie at Cup of Tea, and Della of Della Devoted. they're in their second week of hosting they link up and doing a wonderful job! i couldn't be more pleased with my new hosts...so, head on over and link up! 

second, i joined a gym yesterday. when we moved back in august, one of the things that i was pretty excited about was the fax that there is a great gym within walking distance of our place. i belonged to the YMCA in North Carolina and loved having a place to go to workout, and a place to stay motivated! my old building had a tiny little workout room in the basement, so i didn't feel like spending the extra money on a gym membership, but i definitely missed belonging to one. i finally bit the bullet yesterday and walked my out-of-shape body over to the gym and joined! i'll be honest, some days it will be a real struggle to talk myself into braving the freezing temps, but i'm hopeful that it will totally be worth it. anyway, all that ramble to say, i found this top while shopping in Park City and can't get enough.
truth be told, i was coming up with a list of excuses to not join the gym yesterday and then i saw this in my closet and thought, 'wait! i can wear my new top! alright, i'm going'. hey, whatever works, right? i've never heard of this brand before, but it seems pretty comparable to the Athleta and Lululemon types, both in price point and quality. 

third, i'm dubbing next week chambray week. i thought it would be fun to pick a 'theme' for the week and share some outfits and inspiration surrounding that choice, so next week is a trial run to see how we all like it. 

fourth, it's expected to get up to 43 degrees tomorrow, so you can find me at the beach. but really, it's sad when all the weather and newscasters talk about is how it's going to break the 40's over the weekend...slow news week? 

and for my last ramble, the cats are alive and well! i've had a few concerned cat lovers comment on instagram asking if they're okay because it's been awhile since they've made an appearance. they're doing great, just hibernating ;) 

alright, i think you've suffered enough. go link up for H54F and have a great weekend! see on monday, wearing chambray.