Work Out to Hang Out

i've been on a kick of wearing workout clothes a lot lately. when i'm spending the day at my desk or doing things around my apartment, i don't always feel the need or desire to put together an outfit that requires any sort of fuss or uncomfortableness. with that being said, i certainly feel better and am more productive when i've taken some time to get ready - applying a bit of makeup, doing something with my hair, and putting on an outfit that doesn't involve sweatpants and an old tee. i love the comfort of exercise clothes and the challenge that comes with making them into an outfit that i can pop into the store or grab lunch with a friend and not feel underdressed or sloppy. 

i had the opportunity to pick out a few items from the Target® C9 Collection for a little style haul. i’ve always been a fan of the collection, with a pile of tops and bottoms from the C9 Collection already in my dresser drawer. as i went into shopping, i had in mind that i wanted to pick out items that could be worn for exercise and for other things, like running errands or working outside of the apartment while still feeling productive.
the C9 by Champion® Women's Performance Tee in Hydro was my first pick. i like having exercise tees (versus tanks) for the cooler months because the more fabric, the better. the tee is fitted without being too tight, so it keeps me cool but doesn't get in the way. i love the vibrancy of the color and appreciate that it adds a little 'spice' to my typically neutral wardrobe. the best thing about this tee is that when you cover it with a jacket or sweater, it doesn't immediately scream, 'i’m wearing exercise clothes!'

paired with some simple joggers, a jean jacket, and some casual lace-up booties (replacing my tennis shoes), i can go about my day while feeling comfortable and put together. 
i’m a sucker for workout leggings, especially when they have a fun pattern or color. the C9 by Champion® Women's Legging Pinstripe in Plum are the perfect addition to my collection. with a super soft and stretchy fabric blend, these leggings slide right on and have a 'barely there' feel. they’re durable enough to be worn in the chilly temps we've had in Chicago, while remaining breathable during exercise. the color and pinstripe add the final touch to make them fun and playful. 

with the trend of patterned leggings going around right now, these workout leggings transition easily from workout to hang out. adding a sweater/jacket with a little structure (and touch of leather!) and some nude ballet flats, i’m able to go from the gym to a coffee shop to get some work done without looking like i came straight from my workout. 
the final piece is the C9 by Champion® Women's Yoga Layering Cowl in black. it's light and breathable and good for layering. with the addition of the hood, cinching at the bust, and drawstring detail at the waist, it becomes a more interesting top than my other workout tops. it will definitely be used this fall for outdoor jogs because it will keep the sting of cold air off of my skin while still allowing me to keep cool enough to achieve a good workout. 

swapping my shorts and tennis shoes for some jeans, simple flats and a vest allows me to go transition to other tasks without having to change my entire outfit. 

my favorite thing about all of the pieces that I chose is how versatile they are. with fun colors, details, and high-quality materials, these items will become regulars in my at-home outfit lineup. 

be sure to check out the Target® C9 Collection for more great items! 

Disclosure |  This post was sponsored by Target® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9, all opinions are my own.


High Five for Friday

happy friday! i hope you've all had a good week and i trust that you're ready for the weekend. i am, too! 

here's a look back at some of my favorite things from this week:

1. as I've mentioned here before, Mike and I are huge fans of The Walking Dead. the premiere of season 5 was on sunday evening and we were both counting down the hours until we could watch it. we agreed that it was one of our favorite episodes (ever) and can't wait to see where the season goes! who else is watching?

2. on the topic of Mike, he and I enjoyed a lovely weekend together. i'm often reminded of how difficult (and valuable!) long-distance relationships can be since both of my roommates are in them, so being able to spend every weekend with Mike is just a little bit sweeter. 

3. in true form, I already have the itch to redecorate/change things around in my room. i've been casually looking for a new desk chair, since the one that I originally purchased isn't the most comfortable thing in the world. I was browsing Marshall's yesterday and found a beautiful grey velvet chair with silver stud trim and immediately reserved it. I'm excited to see how it goes with my desk and for a more plush seat! 

4. my roommate's and I decided this week to throw a house-warming party! it's maybe a little late...seeing as we will have been living here for over 2 months by time it happens, but we mostly wanted a reason to entertain in the space that we have. and so, I'll be going overboard on pinterest with all the appetizer, drinks, etc. ideas I can possibly find. 

5. this week, I've been intentional about setting aside time in the mornings to read while I have my coffee, instead of immediately getting on my computer and working. it's been a great change and I've already noticed feeling more refreshed when I sit down at my computer each day, having had some time to myself.

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it! 


Well, this is vague...

the past few weeks i've been stuck in this weird space, mentally. i don't really know how to explain it, but i feel like i'm in this phase of change. like things need a little shake-up - my routine, my style, you name it. i guess you could say i feel like i'm stuck in a rut but i'm on the brink of getting out of it, i'm just not sure how or when yet.

...well, that was extremely vague. truthfully, this is the first time i'm putting it down in words, so now you get a little peek into my brain. which is terrifying, obviously. so, while i can't control what is happening in my head right now, one thing that i know i'm about to change is my hair. (nice transition, huh?) i'm flying down to North Carolina this weekend to spend a few days with my hairstylist sister and fully intend on having her do something new and exciting (to me) with my hair. i share her sentiment in being bored to tears with it these days, so i'm thinking something a little more dramatic is in need. 

it was cut only a month ago and i feel like it's grown 3 feet since then. where was this miracle growth 5 years ago when i would have done anything for long hair! anyway, here's what i'm thinking:
all images via pinterest
it's getting chopped, that's for sure. i'm thinking dusting my shoulders, but my sister may talk me into slightly longer since she knows how i am. my color is in desperate need of a change, too. i've always enjoyed trying different colors and methods, so i'll see what Kate has in mind. i'm thinking some type of rich brunette with hints of auburn and some subtle ombre in there, too. right now, my hair is basically all my natural color, minus a few highlights around my face. i'm looking for some depth! 

so, this is my mood board, if you will. i'm looking forward to the change and a fresh new 'do!


Black Out

three years ago, i wouldn't be caught dead wearing something black, let alone an entire outfit. i always found it to be such a harsh and boring color (or absence thereof, really). with fair skin and bright blonde hair back then, i was sure that i couldn't go anywhere near it. 

and here we are, three years later, wearing all black and with a closet full of black tops, pants, outerwear, and shoes. i can barely get by a couple days without picking out an item to wear that's black. 

my friend and one of my roommate's, Sam, really turned me onto it. at the time, she was living in the city attending college, so it was basically required. it was noticeable when she would wear something with color. i don't remember how or when, but i do remember thinking, 'if she can wear that color basically every day of her life, i have to be able to find one piece of clothing that looks good on me'. lo and behold, i found a blouse at forever 21 and my anti-black-wearing world flipped on its head. 

what was once one black blouse tucked in the back of my closet, is an ever-expanding pinnacle in my closet. i have my hanging items (casually) arranged by color, black taking the prize for the largest section, hands down. i love how it feels classic, sophisticated, and effortless, even if its just the color of my bag or shoes. 

sweater | Zara
blouse | H&M
pants | Madewell 
flats | DSW
necklace | Target


Leopard + Leather

this past weekend was one of those weekends where i wanted to freeze time. the warmth of the autumn sun, the sound of dried leaves crinkling beneath my feet, the smell of apple cider and fresh-out-of-the-oven chex mix in the air. it was wonderful and passed by far too quickly. mike and i enjoyed our saturday with a delicious brunch at a local restaurant (where i think i found my favorite pancakes!) and a slow stroll through Lincoln Park Zoo. later that evening, he headed out to hang out with a friend and i went to my favorite Mexican restaurant with my roommates for a much-needed girls night. i woke up sunday morning and thought, 'yesterday was one of the best days i've had in a long time'. there was nothing special or particularly exciting about it, but it was relaxing, enjoyable and spent with some of my favorite people. what more can you ask for?

on a totally unrelated note, i'm pretty happy that this dress can come out of it's spring/summer storage and be worn again. i love how light it is, the leather details, and that it's a one-piece outfit. it requires just a couple accessories and that's it. again, what more can you ask for? ;)

dress | Francesca's (similar)
booties | Target (similar)
clutch | Dooney & Bourke (similar)
necklaces | Elisabeth Ashlie + Kate Spade