Transitioning into Autumn

i'm popping in from my moving box-ridden to share some of my favorite items in my closet right now for transitioning into autumn. it's hard to believe that we're almost into september. seriously, am i the only one that feels like we went straight from Easter to Labor Day, skipping summer altogether? it's crazy. 

anyway, we're expecting some cooler temps in Chicago this week, which actually has me pretty excited. it's been hot, humid, and rainy here the past few days and i'm ready for a cool off. with chillier temps comes the need to brainstorm new outfit ideas and pull out some of my favorite cool weather items to wear.

patterned long-sleeve blouses // i love pairing these with shorts and a pair of flats or heels for dinner with a friend or a night out with Mike. i also like to layer these under cardigans or sweaters (when it's really chilly) and rolling the sleeves a coupe times to show the pattern on the blouse.

destructed denim shorts // i've been all about the destructed denim shorts this summer. i like that they can be dressed up or down, deepening on what you pair them with. with a simple pullover sweater and flats or a fun blouse and heels, these shorts play double-duty. they help me feel a bit more casual, which i like. 

pullover knit sweaters // i've already gotten quite a bit of use out of this sweater i found in the J.Crew sale section in the spring. i like to pair it with a white tank and maxi skirt for cooler days. it's also cute with a collared shirt underneath and statement necklace for a bit of a preppier look.

cotton pencil skirts // this skirt is the ultimate all-purpose skirt in my wardrobe. weather it's paired with a lace crop top, a button-down chambray blouse, a pullover knit sweater, or graphic tee, it's ultra-versatile and super comfortable. when it gets into the 50's, i'll pair it with booties and a scarf, too.

lightweight scarves // i'm a scarf-wearer, through and through. i would wear one everyday if i could. i prefer to wear pattern and muted colors, so that the scarf can add some interest to my outfit without being distracting. for the later summer evenings when the temps get into the high 60's, i like to pair a scarf like this with my jean shorts and tees or with a simple cotton dress. 

printed flats // along with scarves, i'm also a compulsive flats-wearer. i tend to have perpetually cold feet, so these babies come in handy when it starts to get a little cooler. when i saw these in the store, i knew they'd be the perfect addition to my autumn and fall wardrobe. 

what are you looking forward to wearing this autumn?


High Five for Friday

happy friday! it's expected to feel like 98ยบ in Chicago today, so i'm never leaving my apartment. seriously, i moved away from the south for a reason. 

here's a look back at some of my favorite things from this past week:

1. Mike and i celebrated our '2 years since mike walked into my apartment in north carolina' anniversary (we sorta made it a thing, just roll with it). we enjoyed some delicious mexican food at Antique Taco and then binge-watched The Walking Dead. we're basically an old married couple, it's scary. 

2. packing progress has been made! our apartment is basically a war-zone right now, but it's cool. it's all for a good cause, right?

3. i went on a little shopping spree at Anthropologie. it was one of those things where i just 'popped in' the store to see if they had any good stuff on sale, and walked out with about 7 items. not all were for me, but like 6 of them were ;) i picked up these bath salts, this cool pencil holder, this soap rock, and a couple other little things that i couldn't resist. 

4. this has been one of those weeks where i've had to remind myself to go outside and get fresh air. i've had quite a bit of work to do, on top of packing and cleaning, so it's been interesting. while i feel sort of suffocated from being attached to my desk all week, i do feel like i got a lot accomplished and done, which is always a good feeling! 

5. IT'S FRIDAY! can i get an amen?! i'm just really happy the weekend is here. hope you enjoy yours! 

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it!

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Army Green + Moving Boxes

it's official: i'm putting off packing as long as possible. i have the boxes, bubble wrap, and tape all waiting to be used and i would rather scratch my eyes out, i'm pretty sure. i'm an organized person, so you'd think that i would like going through everything that i have, deciding whether or not to keep it, and wrapping it neatly and packing it in a box, but no. no no no no no. packing is not my thing. it's at this time, just a little over a week to go, when i think, 'i totally understand why people pay other people to come pack up all of their belongings for them'. and i barely have anything in this apartment compared to my last one. (read: that's what happens when you share 750 square feet with another human being - you live 'light'.)

i'm dreading going through my closet the most. partially because i have so many piles of clothes that it's overwhelming, but also because it's full of all the junk that i couldn't cram under my bed. (read: i couldn't fit a dresser in this bedroom, so i got creative.) i have quite a bit to sort through and will hopefully be donating a nice pile of things that i don't need anymore, like old decor, bedding, etc. 

i feel like if i don't start now, i'll be overwhelmed and pulling my hair out next week. i'm at that point where it's too early to pack away everything, but too late to just sit around and hope that the packing fairies show up in the middle of the night to do all the work for me. you know, that sweet spot during the moving process. 

all that to say, i have no idea what the next week and a half or so is going to look like. i'll definitely still be posting, but i may be buried under boxes a couple days, unable to even gather myself enough to write something you may want to read, if i'm lucky.

p.s. i'm still looking to sell my couch. ya know, just in case you need one. 

dress | Old Navy
vest | Target
heels | Tesori via Nordstrom Rack
necklaces | Elisabeth Ashlie and J.Crew Factory (similar)
wallet | Kate Spade
belt | Target


Favorite Things | August

1 | terrarium, westelm.com for DIY
2 | pave spliced posts, anthropologie
3 | colorblock leather pouch, j.crew factory
4 | metal ampersand, hobby lobby
5 | knots necklace, madewell
6 | dots mousepad, anthropologie
7 | capri blue candle, anthropologie
8 | bow keychain, kate spade 
9 | quilted slip-ons, target
10 | ceramic jar, h&m

after enough perusing on pinterest, i've officially become enamored with terrariums. i don't know what it is about them, maybe just how darn cute the little succulents are or how cool their holders are, but i'm into them. big time. i picked one up at an outdoor/plant store last week and it's proudly sitting on my desk. what's also nice is that it only needs to be watered a little every couple weeks, which is especially important for my anything-but-green thumb.

i found that large galvanized metal ampersand last week and knew i had to buy it. with the extra 50% off, it was only $15 - i'd consider that a pretty good deal. i'm not quite sure how i'm going to use it in my new place, but it will make a cool statement wherever it is. i've also ordered quite a bit of those ceramic jars, which will be great for storing things and staying pretty. 

also, that candle? it is the best smelling thing since fresh cinnamon rolls. 


Black + Mint

i like to call this past weekend, 'epic fail weekend'. nothing quite worked out as planned. mike and i planned to go watch the Air & Water Show on sunday, which ended up being canceled due to low-hanging clouds. we went out to eat for our anniversary and i ordered something that was not at all what i thought it would be, so we picked up Trader Joe's sushi on the walk home so that i could satisfy my hunger. we went to dinner on sunday with some friends to a place that is highly recommended. while it was delicious, we had to wait a minimum of an hour and a half for the food. it ended up being worth the wait but, man, we were hangry by the time it arrived and totally gorged. 

so, again, while nothing really bad happened (at all), it was just one of those weekends where i shouldn't have set any expectations for anything, ya know? do you ever have one of those times? however, i did set my expectations high for getting lots of rest and binge watching The Walking Dead with mike...but those expectations were exceeded. (for you Walking Dead watchers, we're about halfway through season 2 - we're a little bored with it, but have heard that the later seasons make it worth pushing through the second. does that sound about right?)

in totally separate news, i like this outfit because i like matching girly, like a pencil skirt, with tough, like chunky black heels and a leather top. 

top | Evereve 
skirt | J.Crew Factory (similar)
heels | Nickels via TJ Maxx
bag | Fossil (other site)
necklace | Kate Spade via Nordstrom Rack
watch | Kate Spade