Grey + Pastels

surely, you guys know by now that pretty much everyone that lives in an even moderately cold climate is ready for Spring, right? actually, i think everyone everywhere is ready for Spring. i'm right there with them. it's just time. while the frost clings all the things outside, i play dress up inside and pretend like it's 50 degrees with fresh flowers blooming all around. 

i'm hoping that it never becomes inappropriate for me to take a spring break trip. even though i've been off of an academic calendar for a couple years, i always have this idea in the back of my head that i should take a long weekend off of life and go somewhere warm in the Spring. it's become more difficult since i don't get a week off from all responsibility anymore, but Mike is taking care of that for me this year. he has 3 weeks off from his program so we're headed south for a little getaway! i cannot wait. we're going to stop in Raleigh to hang with my sister and her family for a few days, and then the plan (right now) is to drive down to Charleston, SC for a couple days. he was looking for warm(er) weather and to be close to the ocean and i love to explore a new city, so Charleston seemed like the perfect option. 

naturally, no less than 2 weeks before we even leave, i've already started thinking about what i should pack. it's a sickness, i tell you. i'm just so excited to plan for a warmer climate! so i've been digging out all my light colored clothes and my favorite flats to put some outfits together and it's got me tricked into thinking that i can wear them all now. so...this:

top | Old Navy
cardigan | Target
pants | Gap (similar)
flats | Target (similar)
bag | Rebecca Minkoff (similar)
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie


Easy Spring Nail Tutorial

one of the easiest ways for me to feel like i have things somewhat together is to polish my nails. typically, it's some shade of grey, but sometimes i'll branch out and get a little more creative with them. with spring just around the corner, i'm drawn to lighter colors and bolder looks. i stopped by my local Sally Beauty Supply to pick up a few colors for a new look. if you've never been, Sally Beauty has a wonderfully large wall of all different nail colors (more than 750!) and great brands. i settled on You're Blushing by Orly, Mod About You by OPI, and Degas Look At This! by FingerPaints. FingerPaints is exclusive to Sally Beauty and they boast a wide range of colors, including great metallics! 

i knew i wanted to do something pretty simple and easy with just a little accent of fun. here's a quick step-by-step: 
i started by prepping my nails with some cuticle removal, filing, and a base coat. 
starting with OPI Mod About You, i did the base for my nails. 
to get the diagonal line for my accent nail, i used a toothpick to score the polish. it's easier to score if the polish is still a bit tacky and not completely dried. 
then it was time for Orly You're Blushing to polish the area above the score on my accent nail.

i loved how these colors complemented each other and, if i had more patience, i would've done the two-tone look on every nail. 
to add a little more, i used the FingerPaints color to free-hand a curved line over the original scoring. 

i liked the artistic look of a freely drawn line, but you could certainly use tape or some serious precision to get a straighter line. polka dots would also be cute! 
once the polish dried, i applied a top coat and was good to go! 
how can you go wrong with pretty pinks and a metallic accent? the ease of this style of polishing makes it a perfect addition to your spring-inspired looks! 

disclosure || this post was sponsored by Sally Beauty through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. while i was compensated to write a post about Sally Beauty, all opinions are my own. 


Saturday Style | 08

this poncho is one of those things that sat in my closet for well over a year before i realized how much i liked it. i wore it a couple times when i first got it, but could not, for the life of me, figure out a way to style it that i felt comfortable in. so it was folded up and tucked into the corner in my pile of 'i like this but don't know how to wear it so i'll stick it here and come back to it in a couple months' clothes. and then i came back to it and now were here. thrilling story, right?

some Saturdays i like to pull that pile of clothes out to try to find ways to wear those items, so as to make full use of my closet. if after a couple attempts i'm still coming up empty, it goes into the pile of clothes that i'm going to donate/give to a friend. this poncho just narrowly missed that second pile and i'm glad it did!

know what else i'm glad for? that it's March, which means were one tiny step closer to Spring and being able to put away my winter wardrobe. also, for relaxing weekends spent doing very little, homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and learning to play Yahtzee for the very first time (over the weekend). i know, i know, it's a travesty that i'd never played before! then again, one of my roommates has never seen Forrest Gump, so i feel less bad about my lack of game-playing variety.

tank | Target
poncho | similar
jeans | Calvin Klien
bag | Coach
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie
earrings | Rodale's


Bordeaux Plaid

white pants in February...this is just killing some of you, i know it. i've said it before and i'll say it again, i don't really believe in 'fashion rules'. i think you should wear whatever you want whenever you want. and, so, here i am wearing white (well) after labor day. i love white pants during the winter time. they can be warm-weatherish, yes, but you can also winterize them with the right colors, patterns and textures that you pair them with. like, say, plaid, animal print, and bordeaux. the white pants are basically the snow of the outfit. okay, i'm reaching...

separately, it's Friday and i'm really thrilled about that. the newest season of House of Cards is available and, as soon as the clock strikes 5pm, i will be in my bed with wine watching until my eyes cannot stay open any longer. which, let's be honest, will probably be like 8:30pm. #grandmotherstatus

top | Topshop
pants | Target
flats | Target
scarf | ZARA (similar)
belt | Target


Dalmatian Print + Grey

i made the mistake of convincing myself that spring was on the way and then mother nature was all, 'YEAH RIGHT, SUCKER! here's some more snow for you.' so i've completely resigned to wearing sweaters and boots basically forever. which is cool and all, except i'm bored to tears with wearing the same thing day after day. so, i'm slowly adding some less wintry items into my outfits, like say color or a non-boot shoe. both of which take this otherwise simple jeans-and-a-sweater outfit to a slightly less snooze-inducing level. a little pop of grapefruit, a printed wedge, and a bubblegum lip step it up just enough for me. 

also, i bought these wedges several years ago, before i was a real wedge/heel-wearer. they haven't received much wear, but you better believe they will these days. my feet have finally been trained to not throb within 2 minutes of wearing anything other than a flat shoe, so i'm finding myself reaching for them more and more. what i love most about them is that they can take an otherwise simple outfit (jeans and a sweater) and dress it up just enough with the addition of the right accessories and a lip color. every girl should own a pair of animal print wedges (or any type of shoe!), if you ask me. these wedges are old, but i found some similar pairs here, here, here, and here.

sweater | H&M
pants | Gap (similar)
wedges | Banana Republic Outlet 
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie
cuff | Elisabeth Ashlie
watch | Kate Spade
bag | Forever 21