Apartment Tour: Office Space

when i walked into what would be my bedroom for the first time, i instantly knew what i wanted to do with my workspace. i have this large blank wall that's perfect for a desk, organizational pieces, and some inspirational decor. i did quite a bit of Pinterest browsing and got some great ideas for how i wanted my workspace to look. i'm thrilled with how it turned out! 

cube organizer | Ikea
mirror | Home Goods
book ends | Home Goods
'check yo self' print | 
gold wall bursts | Hobby Lobby

i love how my little gallery wall above my desk turned out. i came across this print and this print on Etsy and knew that i had to have them incorporated into my space somehow. my sister gifted me the 'home is where your cat is print' (i'm in love!) and i had a couple other items leftover, after decorating the rest of the place, that were the perfect addition.

i like the combination of open storage (which doubles as decor!) and closed storage for less pretty things that i don't need out all the time. all the furniture holds my essentials for work, with extra space for magazines, cards, electronics and whatever else. 

hey, if you gotta work, you might as well do it in a place that you think is pretty, right?

desk | Target
chair | ideeli (similar)
pillow cover | Amazon
drawer pulls | Anthropologie
lamp + shade | Target
antlers | Target
floral prints | c/o Ashlee Proffitt
'amazing grace' art | Hobby Lobby
'home is where your cat is' print | Cristina Martinez


Saturday Style

i spent the weekend in virtual solitude and it was glorious. both of my roommates were out of town and Mike had some things going on at home, so i was alone for the whole darn thing. aside from a few errands on saturday and church on sunday, i pretty much set up camp on the couch and relaxed. i caught up on the week's premieres - parenthood, law & order: svu, how to get away with murder, and nashville - and did very little work.

while running errands, i picked up some fall decor for the apartment, which included a new wreath and some fall scented candles. although i've been enjoying the gorgeous mid-70 degree days we've had this past week, i'm ready for a bit cooler weather so that i can break out my boots and sweaters for good. (i'll be kicking myself for saying this when it's 35 degrees and sleeting in like 2 weeks.) for now, i'll keep taking advantage of these warm days with easy weekend outfits like this one.

pants | Nordstrom Rack
denim jacket | J.Crew Factory
sneakers | Reebok via Nordstrom Rack (similar)
bag | Vince Camuto via Nordstrom Rack
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie


High Five for Friday

happy last friday of september! how is that possible? i still feel like it's july. this year is going by way too quickly. know what else seems to be going by too quickly? my weeks. it's crazy. i feel like i wake up, sit down to my computer, and then look at the clock and it's already 4pm. i think this week went by quickly because it was a pretty good one. here's why:

1. i attended a group meeting on wednesday night through the church that i'm going to in order to eventually get plugged into a small group. it was so nice to be in that environment again and to meet new people that i share my faith with. i'm looking forward to the next few weeks of meeting together! 

2. i made a mistake and sent my mom a photo of this adorable Kate Spade wallet that i found at Nordstrom Rack. she didn't respond until hours later, which meant that i left the store without picking it up for her. (huge mistake, by the way. always buy. ALWAYS BUY. you can return later.) i popped back in later in the week to find that it was already snatched by some lucky son of a gun. (sorry mom!) however, i did find the sneakers that fulfill all of my hopes and dreams. i love wearing sneakers like this on casual days or for running errands. 

3. speaking of my mom, she came into the city yesterday for a few hours to do some shopping and spend some time at my apartment. my dad popped in over the weekend before getting dinner with a client. it's so nice to have my parents live close enough that they can come visit for a few hours!

4. (i shared this on instagram yesterday) but i found one of my favorite pair of pants at the bottom of my dresser and was so thrilled! i forgot that i even owned them, so finding them was like discovering them all over again. i want to wear them everyday. only problem is that it's a pretty recognizable pattern, so i need to space out my wearing a bit. however, i'm excited! (pants are from Old Navy last year)

5. i booked a trip down to North Caroline for the middle of October to get some quality sister & nephew time. i'm looking forward to seeing how David has grown and being able to hang out with Kate!

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it!


How I Live In Levi's

if i had to choose one type of bottom to wear everyday for the rest of my life, it would be jeans. not skirts or dresses or yoga pants, but jeans. i've always been that way. i remember one of my favorite pair of jeans in middle school had this horrible (and yet awesome) silver sheen to them. my sister and i had a photo taken in florida when i was wearing them once and all you can see is my jeans, thanks to a dark room and a blinding camera flash. i also remember when it was really cool to take the hem out of the bottom of your jeans to make them extra long and give them this cool frayed ombré detail at the bottom. also, i was big into cutting up the sides of the hem to make my denim have extra flare (and flair, pun intended).  it sounds like i really did some awful things to my jeans, doesn't it? all in the name of 'style', people. all in the name of style. (clearly, i was my most stylish self when i was 12).

all that to say, i have a long history with jeans. we go way back. and i intend for our relationship to continue to grow and flourish, especially now that i actually take care of them and don't rip them to shreds. (even though i've since paid money for ripped jeans). i think it's pretty safe to say that i've evolved in how i style and wear my denim. they're no longer the obligatory choice, but the option that i prefer more often than not. 
all summer, i was on the hunt for the perfect pair of deconstructed denim shorts. i found a pair that were sort of what i was looking for, but when i saw the 501® Shorts i knew that i had found the pair. they're comfortable, versatile, and just the right amount of deconstructed. for going into fall, they pair great with a button-up blouse and booties. 
another item i was on the hunt for was a good pair of true boyfriend jeans. i have a couple pairs of sort-of-but-not-really boyfriend jeans in my closet, but the 501® Jeans (in Washed Up) are a good mix of fitted (so that they're not falling off) yet boyfriend-y. although, let's by honest, you wouldn't find jeans even remotely close to this in my boyfriend's closet. #boring

i like my boyfriend's best when paired with a simple top and cool accessories. for weekends, this outfit is a perfect mix of 'i totally spent time getting ready for the day' and 'i totally slept in and got ready in about 10 minutes'. know what i'm saying? 
as a self-professed denim hoarder, i'm always on the lookout for my next favorite pair of jeans. there are a lot of things i consider when trying pants on, but one of the most important things is comfort. if i'm not comfortable in the jeans during the three minutes that i have them on in the fitting room, i'm definitely not going to want to wear them for an entire day. when i slipped the Mid Rise Skinny Jeans (in Haiku) on, i was sure that i mistakenly pulled on sweatpants. much to my delight, it was the jeans!  they're the perfect in-between denim. they can be dressed up or relaxed. i've found that my favorite wear to wear them is with a blouse and comfortable loafers for a relaxed and sophisticated look.
Levi's is doing a cool campaign right now called, The Live In Levi's Project. with so many people all over the world wearing Levi's, the brand is encouraging us to share our stories of how we live in Levi's. as you can see, my Levi's are being well lived-in. they quickly found their way to the top of my drawer. my Levi's have been on buses, subways, in restaurants, coffee shops, and even the zoo. i'm showing them the world, one outfit at a time ;) 

share your story of how you live in Levi's using #LiveinLevis

Disclosure | This post was sponsored by Levi’s® through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Levi’s®, all opinions are my own.


Apartment Tour: Bedroom, Part Two

my bedroom has always been my 'safe haven'. if i could be anywhere in the world at any given time, i'd more than likely choose to be in my bed. we have a strange little love affair going on. anyway, now that my room is finished and lived-in, i love being in it even more. it turned out better than i had imagined in my head and i'm incredibly pleased. here's a look:

the last thing on my list of to-do's is get some photos printed to put in my picture frames! 

when i first moved into this room, i was quickly aware of just how white the walls were. with so much wall space, i knew that i needed to do something on the walls that wasn't framed art or something else hanging. the idea of striping the walls sounded like the perfect solution, but i wasn't interested in painting (mostly because i detest painting, but also because i didn't want to have to paint the walls back to the original color before moving out). the stripes are actually decals that my mom and i put up shortly after we moved in. they're from Walls Need Love and they're awesome. i decided on the 8" stripe in pebble. we used just shy of two rolls, with just enough leftover for any touchups that may need to be done. after doing a little calculating to figure out how much space we wanted between the stripes and how many striped would need to be cut, we got to work. after figuring out a good method with the first stripe, we had the wall done in about 2 hours. 

the rolls come with a grid on the back, which makes it easy to cut a straight line and measure the length of the stripes. i was put to work on cutting strips of the decals, while my mom marked up the wall with little pencil marks as a guide for straight lines. we tag-teamed attaching the decals to the walls and it worked out well! although it went quickly and smoothly with the two of us, i could definitely have done it by myself. it would have taken longer and probably about 4 times more effort to figure out the proper measurements, but it can be a one-person job! 

the stripes make a huge difference in making my room feel like home. and the best part is that i can just peel them right off when i'm ready for a change! (i have a feeling it will be a long time before that happens though. i love how it looks too much!)

bed frame | Ikea
blush quilt | Cynthia Rowley via Home Goods
grey lace shams | Anthropologie (similar)
gold throw pillows | Nicole Miller via Home Goods
'love' art | Hobby Lobby
lamps | Home Goods
white nightstand | Ikea
grey nightstand | Target
grey shag rug | Ikea
dresser | Ikea
sunburst mirror | Target
candlesticks | Ikea
jewelry box | Marshall's
glass box | Anthropologie (similar)
gold vase | Marshall's
gnome jewelry holder | Anthropologie (elsewhere)
antler jewelry holder | Francesca's
white fur rug | Safavieh via Home Goods
stripes | c/o Walls Need Love