Weekend Getaway

the holiday weekend is so close i can taste it. well, maybe not so much taste as feel. yeah, we'll go with feel. and it makes me feel real good. i'm heading up north to my family's lakehouse for just a couple nights to enjoy a little break from the city and soak in the peacefulness of that place. i look forward to the 4th of july every year because that's at least one weekend in the summer that i know i will get to be there. i'm trading my laptop for a paperback book, my multiple-snooze-hitting mornings for a little sleeping in, and my frightfully pale skin for possible a little sun-kissed glow. we'll see about that last one, though, you never really know what you'll get when you wear SPF 50 ;) 

here's all that i'll need for a little weekend getaway:
tank: H&M | striped shorts: Old Navy | grey sneakers: Nike via Zappo's | athletic shorts: H&M | athletic tank: Athleta | weekender bag: Sole Society | swim top: Target | swim bottom: Target | swim cover-up: Old Navy | embellished sandals: Target | jean shorts: J.Crew Factory | tee: J.Crew Factory | swing dress: Old Navy

hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend! 


Swoon-Worthy Art Prints

one of my favorite ways to decorate my apartment is with the use of pretty art prints. i already have a decent collection of there from here and there, but i'm considering the idea of building a cohesive collection that can work well as a gallery wall. while you can really put anything you want in a gallery wall, i love the look of a monochromatic or very minimally-colored one so as to not distract from everything else in the room. i love how this looks above the bed. since my headboard is pretty short, i'm leaning towards doing something like this on the wall above it (depending on the size of the wall, of course!). my other idea is to do a big one in my workspace, wherever that may be. 

i'm leaning towards black, white and gold with some minimal color (like in the mascara print). i have quite a few knick-knack things that i can hang so that it's not all prints, but i'll probably want to invest in a couple prints that will fall in line with my color scheme and create a cohesive look. these may or may not all make the cut. i have a hard time saying no to things like this ;)
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

i'm really getting excited about some of the ideas that i have for the next place! while nothing is really going to change all that much, i'm looking forward to simplifying and narrowing down the look that i'm going for with the addition of a couple of things and a reorganization - to be updated as the time comes! 


Bedroom Oasis

as previously mentioned, the end of august is bringing me another move to another apartment. moving is basically the bane of my (and everyone's, no?) existence, but i'm trying to overlook that part of it and get excited about a new place to decorate! while i'm not planning on getting rid of much of anything since i just bought a lot of my bedroom furniture and decor a year ago, i am anticipating a little bit of a change. currently, my workspace is in my bedroom, which works since i have the master in the apartment so there's plenty of space for everything. more than likely, i'll have my workspace elsewhere in the next place, so i'm looking forward to my bedroom being only a bedroom.

with that, i'm hoping to add a little more of an earthy and natural feel. i'm thinking natural wood accents, galvanized metal details, and some cool paint colors on some of my existing furniture. i want my bedroom to be my oasis, so to speak, since it's where i will go to relax and unplug from work. i have quite a bit of color in my existing room and i'm thinking i'll keep the color for the workspace and my bedroom pretty neutral (maybe a few pops in some prints). 

here's what i'm using as my inspiration board:

glass jars: H&M (big, small) | blanket: Wayfair | lamp base: Target | metal pitcher: H&M | rug: Wayfair | glass box: H&M | woven basket: World Market | metal basket: H&M | pillow covers: H&M (left, right)

really, it's pretty simple. i have quite a few accents and all of the base furniture i need to create something like this for the room, so it shouldn't be difficult. here's to hoping it turns out how i'm picturing it in my head! 


Refreshing Slept-In Curls

i used to be the kind of girl that had to wash my hair every day because slept-in hair just wouldn't cut it. it was flat, lifeless, and clearly unwashed, which meant that i rarely skipped a day of shampooing. dry shampoo, however, changed all of that for me! i love dry shampoo. i use it when styling my hair the first day, to add a little extra volume and texture, and for days when i style dirty hair. 

since i'm working with the dirty hair more often (although i can't go more than 2 days!), i've been trying several different brands of dry shampoo to see what works best for my hair. one of my favorites is Amika's Perk Up. it's great for adding a little extra body and grit just before teasing and soaks up some of the dirtiness of slept-in hair, so that i can have a fresh looking 'do without all the time and effort of styling from start to finish. 

here's what you'll need:

flat iron, curling iron, or wand 
(i use a tapered wand, about 3/4" - 1 1/4")


i start by going through with my wand and re-curling some pieces that have really loosened up through the night.

once my curls are finished, i go through and spray a healthy amount of Perk Up on my scalp, especially near my hairline. 

using my fingertips, i rub the dry shampoo in to the roots and make sure it's all blended well. 

now it's time to tease! 

i soften up the teasing and finish with some hairspray. that's all it takes! i'm able to spend a fraction of the time on my hair by being able to do this. on nights when i know i won't be washing my hair the next day, i spray some dry shampoo into my hair before going to bed to give it the night to soak in and start working. i like adding some more during the styling process for a little extra somethin'! 

dress: Anthropologie | necklaces: Elisabeth Ashlie (here and here)
not only does amika's Perk Up work well as a dry shampoo, but it smells ridiculously good. it's crazy. i've said it before about their Un.Done Texture Spray, but i would t o t a l l y buy a perfume that smelled like their products. and the packaging is just so darn cute, which adds a nice little pop to my medicine cabinet.  

thanks to amika for sending me a bottle of Perk Up Dry Shampoo! 


Snack/Sip, 01

i'm so excited to share the first installment of a summer mini-series i'm working on with my friend Lindsay of Cooking in Pearls. before i share the delicious appetizer and cocktail we crafted up together, i'll give you a little inside scoop about us. we've known each other for 10+ years and reconnected about a year and a half ago. she's a sales development rep by day and food blogger by night. she's also a busy bride-to-be and new homeowner, so she has a ton of time to just sit around and eat all of the delicious foods she makes. not. with her culinary school background and my willingness to eat everything she makes, we're the perfect duo. we're so excited to be collaborating on some fun and easy recipes for summer entertaining (or if you're looking to just treat yourself to a yummy snack)!

without further adieu, we give you volume 01:
yaaaaas, you read that right. and if you're mouth isn't watering yet, it will be soon. or maybe just ours will be. these egg rolls are full of flavor, simple to make, and total crowd pleasers. and the boozy iced tea lemonade? we could drink it by the gallon. 

let's start with the egg rolls. 

here's what you'll need:
egg roll wrappers
1/2 cup thinly sliced celery or broccoli slaw
2 cups shredded or pulled chicken (rotisserie chicken is a huge time saver!)
1/3 cup Frank's buffalo wing sauce 
1/4 cup blue cheese dressing (ranch would be delicious too)
2 tbl blue cheese crumbles (any cheese would be good, truthfully)
mix all of your ingredients together in a large bowl and preheat your oven to 400 degrees. this filling makes about 12 egg rolls, so adapt the recipe accordingly.
place about 2 1/2 Tbs of filling into the bottom corner of the egg roll wrapper. bring the bottom corner up over the filling, pull the sides up towards the filling, tuck and roll.
place them seam-side down on a baking sheet with a rack (this helps circulate the heat for more even cooking). spray them with baking spray and bake them for about 12-14 minutes, flipping the rolls halfway through.
serve with additional sauce for dipping!
these are super crispy and slightly spicy with a cooling blue cheese dunk. yum! 

the snack is done, now onto the sip side. one of my favorite summer drinks is lemonade. it's always refreshing and a sweet treat, so you really can't go wrong. what's better? adding some iced tea (and a little booze) to a homemade lemonade with a minty twist. it's just over-the-top good, i'm telling you.

here's what you'll need:
2 cups simple syrup steaped with mint 
2 cups cold water 
1/2 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice 
iced tea (or sweet tea vodka)
fresh lemon slices (optional)
fresh mint (optional)
to make the simple syrup, combine equals parts of sugar and water and bring it to a simmer until the sugar dissolves. tear in about 1/2 cup fresh mint while the syrup cools down to add a subtle fresh twist.

in a pitcher, combine 1 cup of the simple syrup (strain the mint, the heat bruises it), 2 cups cold water, 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice, and ice. such a great lemonade right here! if you like your lemonade really sweet, add in more simple syrup.
to a glass with ice, add in 1/2 cup iced tea or an ounce (or two) of sweet tea vodka and top it off with the minty lemonade.

now you're ready to gather your girlfriends or favorite couple to hang out with and enjoy a warm evening outside with this delicious snack and summer drink!