Sweater Weather

if i had to pick a favorite type of weather, it would be sweater weather, for sure. if a cozy knit sweater, denim shorts, and some simple accessories could be worn everyday, i'd be perfectly content with that. know what i would also be perfectly content with? not having a big "catch up on all things LIFE" upon returning home from traveling. that was yesterday for me. my brain didn't quite make the switch from vacation to work mode overnight, so it was a bit of a struggle. it's like i needed a vacation from my vacation to get me back into the swing of my routine. 

speaking of routine, why is it so darn hard to get back into a routine once you've gotten out of it? i had a real nice thing goin' with early mornings and getting to the gym almost every day before i left and now the thought of either of those things puts me to sleep. i guess it's sort of like ripping off a bandaid. the first couple days may hurt, but then i'll feel back to normal and back into my routine. it's just a matter of not hitting the snooze three times (which i did this morning) and slipping on those gym shoes. i may just keep the bandaid on a couple days longer...

sweater | H&M
shorts | Levi's
sandals | Target
bag | J.Crew
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie
rings | Sole Society
bracelets | Elisabeth Ashlie


Southern Greetings!

HELLO from South Carolina! 

my mom, sister, nephews, and i have been here for a few days and have been enjoying each and every one! we've made a couple trips to the beach, plenty of walks over to the pool, and eaten more food than a person needs for an entire month. this is our first vacation with my nephews, so i wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but it's been more fun than i even thought it could be! one of my favorite things is to watch David discover new things and explore everything. he's in that sweet spot where he's independent enough that he'll walk off on his own to look at something but come running back over to be picked up. so, basically, he's an aunt's dream. 

it's been great being with Luke, too, especially since he seems to enjoy spending time in my arms. he's my own personal space heater - the boy produces more heat than a fire. and he's had plenty of smiles to share, which is always so nice to see! i've also mastered putting him in the ergo all by myself, so i'd say i've made some great strides this week in aunthood. 

mike is due to arrive with my dad today, so i'm anxious for that to happen! we're all looking forward to a weekend together enjoying the weather and beautiful surroundings! here's to hoping that i don't miss my knees next time i'm applying my SPF 50 #ouch


Wedding Season

with wedding season in full swing, wedding outfit searching is also in full swing. i feel like in summer, more than any other season, there's a wider range of casual to fancy. whether you're attending a low-key ceremony or something that requires a bit more glam, the options are endless. for dressier occasions, i usually go for more muted colors, dramatic jewelry, and classic footwear. for something on the more casual end, i love mixing bright colors with prints, adding fun jewelry, and touching on some current trends, like that ice blue woven clutch. it's perfect for summer and comes in my current favorite color to boot. 

here's a few of my favorite options for summer weddings: 
blue linen dress: LOFT || crystal ring set: Sole Society || nail color: otherwise engaged by OPI || blush lace skirt: H&M || striped blouse: H&M || pearl + tassel necklace: BaubleBar || navy tank dress: Banana Republic || lip color: Clinique Chubby Stick in woppin watermelon || nude wedges: J.Crew Factory || crystal cluster bracelet: Sole Society || floral pumps: Sam Edelman via Zappo's || woven clutch: H&M || white stud earrings: Kate Spade || scalloped top: TopShop || neutral wedges: Target || scalloped skirt: LOFT || dotted blouse: H&M || flared skirt: J.Crew Factory || tassel statement earrings: Elisabeth Ashlie || textured cotton dress: J.Crew Factory


Saturday Style | 17

another weekend in the books, another monday morning. i don't have the usual monday morning hatred that some people do, but i could certainly go for another weekend morning. this morning morning, in particular, is a good once since i'm sitting on the couch with my chatty nephew thinking he's communicating with me but really saying things," ducka" and "whasaa". i consider this my new standard for how'd i like to start the week.

a quick rewind to the weekend: mike and i celebrated him finishing up his PTA program on friday night with dinner at one of my favorite local spots. i'm incredibly proud and so excited to see what's next for him! saturday was beautiful, so we headed to the Signature Lounge for drinks on the 96th floor. the view of the city and surrounding suburbs is unbeatable from up there, so we soaked that in as long as we could. we ended the day with some pizza and a little relaxing back at my apartment before he headed back to the burbs. yesterday, i packed a bag and headed to the airport to fly down to my sister's. this morning, we're getting all packed in the car to drive down to South Carolina for a little girls + 2 boys trip. i'm so looking forward to spending this time with all of them! 

my favorite go-to summer night outfit is something like this: my favorite jean shorts + a printed blouse + some fun accessories. i like getting a bit more dressed up while still remaining comfortable and casual just enough to do anything. 
top: H&M | shorts: J.Crew Factory | wedges: Franco Sarto via DSW | lip: Bite Lush Lip Tint | rope chain necklace: Forever 21 | art deco statement necklace: Forever 21 | geo clutch: H&M | hairstyle: The Small Things Blog | nail: OPI, A Grape Fit! 


Make Every Day A Vacation Day

Summer is just around the corner, which means that my craving for a warm weather vacation just went from mild to must-be-satisfied. While I would love to be able to hop on a plane and jet off to somewhere sunny and tropical for weeks at a time, everyday responsibilities win out. But that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of opportunities to turn any day into a vacay with a few simple steps.

1. Put on your most tropical/beachy/vacation-inspired outfit. For me, that means wearing color, light knits, and sandals. 
2. Pick an activity, whether indoor or outdoor, that allows you to hit the 'pause' button on everyday things and relax for a bit. 
3. Enjoy sips and snacks that can mentally transport you to your favorite tropical spot.

An easy and cost-effective way to celebrate a little vacation at home would be to pop over to your best girlfriend's place for some fruity drinks, DIY at home manicures and pedicures, and a little appetizer spread. I recently tried the new sparkling alcoholic spritzer from Palm Breeze and it would be perfect for this. I picked up the Pineapple Mandarin Orange flavor, which was a great blend of pineapple and orange. I'm sure the Ruby Red Citrus flavor is just as delicious. Paired with an electric pink mani and some chips and guacamole (my go-to summer snack!), I'd be all set for a little mental vacation. 

One of my favorite things to do in the city during the summer is take in a concert during The Grant Park Music Festival. It's held in the pavilion, which allows you to bring your own picnic dinner, including drinks! It's perfect for meeting friends after work and enjoying some music and snacks together. 

please note: I did not consume any alcohol in public places while working on this project. The cans shown in the photo were enjoyed inside my apartment before shooting any photos!

With the weather warming up, Mike and I have been taking walks along the harbor and lakefront on the weekends. Before too long, we'll probably be heading over to the beach for a couple hours to soak up some rays, so I'm going to need to stock my fridge with post-beach outing refreshments. I'm lucky enough to live in a city that boasts such a beautiful beach and lakefront, so that I can very easily enjoy a mini vacation whenever I choose! 
While I may not be flying off to some remote island anytime soon, I'm definitely planning on taking advantage of every opportunity the city offers to enjoy my summer and get in some good time of rest and relaxation. And that is how you #VacayEveryDay! Cheers! And, of course, please drink responsibly. 

disclosure |  this post was sponsored by Palm Breeze through their partnership with POPSUGAR. while i was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Palm Breeze, all opinions are my own.