How To | Double Wrap Scarf Tie

now that we're well into scarf-wearing season, i thought i'd share one of my favorite ways to wear my longer scarves. i've had quite a few requests for how wrap them, so you can find a step-by-step below! 

1 |  start by wrapping your long scarf around your neck, with the tails hanging in front
2 |  grab one of the two tails with you opposite arm (i.e. grab the right tail with your left arm)
3 |  loosely pull the tail around your neck
4 | the tail should be on the same side that it started on, wrapped once around your neck
5 | grab the other tail with your other arm
6 | loosely pull the tail around your neck
7 | pulling it all the way around your neck, the tail should be back on its original side
8 | adjust the scarf so that the tails are about equal length (rotate it around your neck, if needed)
9 | starting with the bottom loop, loosen the scarf a bit, 'fluffing' it out 
10 | step 9 will have tightened the top loop around your neck, so loosen that one, too
11 | again, adjust the scarf so that the tails are about equal length
12 | i like to have them just a little uneven, then tuck the tails under the loops so they're not sticking out to the sides
13 | 'fluff' the scarf a little more if it's laying too flat
14 | you're done! 

my favorite scarves to tie this way are from ZARA because they're extra long, like this one.

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Saturday Style | 03

most of my weekends are spent with Mike since we don't see each other during the week. occasionally, he'll have things going on back in the suburbs, so that leaves me with a free day. while i obviously love spending that time with him, i can also enjoy a saturday or sunday to myself just as much! my sunday was spent walking some errands (it was in the 50's!), sipping on a vanilla latte, browsing Pinterest, and binge-watching One Tree Hill (i've already watched the series, but i couldn't resist re-watching!). it was a successful day of relaxing, indeed. 

sweater | LOFT
jeans | ZARA
shoes | Coach via Marshall's
bag | Dooney & Bourke (old)
scarf | ZARA


High Five for Friday

happy friday! hope you've had a great week! here's a look back at some of my favorite things that happened this week:

1. i had a friend from North Carolina in town over the weekend for a little Chicago getaway and we had a great time! i don't have out-of-town visitors too often, so it was fun to have someone new to the city to show around and take to some of my favorite places. 
the only 'attraction' she was interested in was the bean, which was totally okay with me. #awkwardselfies
2. since it was the first weekend after my birthday, some friends got together to celebrate! i pretty much had a week and a half long birthday this year, after celebrating with my family the weekend before. not that i'm complaining or anything...

3. Kate and i were so excited to be able to share the details about our shopping event at Lou & Grey that's happening next weekend. although the actual event will be a future highlight, we've had fun letting you guys in on the secret! 

4. i'm pretty well into my second year of living in the city and still feel like i learn and experience new things every week. something i hadn't done until last weekend was see the view from the top of the Hancock building in the Signature Lounge. Mike and i went for our anniversary a few weeks ago, but it was overcast and we couldn't see a thing. my friend and i went over the weekend and had the most beautiful view of the city. it was breathtaking! 

5. i've been intentional about going to bed early and waking up early this week and i've kind of loved it. i'm a morning person, but only if i can be alone with my thoughts for the first couple hours. it's nice to wake up to a quiet apartment and have a slower start to the day before i have to start working. also, being in bed by 9pm is my jam. here's to forming new habits! 

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it! 


Come Shop with Us!

mark your calendars! 

my sister and i are SO excited to share that we will be hosting a shopping night at Lou & Grey in the North Hills shopping center in Raleigh, NC next Sunday, the 21st. along with being able to shop the store, i'll be sharing some styling tips for how to wear your new Lou & Grey items and Kate will be sharing a couple hair demos that would pair perfectly with your outfit. we're so looking forward to the evening! if you're interested in stopping by, please be sure to RSVP to Lou_Grey@AnnInc.com (email seen above). we hope to see you there! 

Style Evolutions + One Deep Thought

it's fun (and sometimes kind of horrifying) for me to look back at how my style has evolved over the years. with this blog and social media, i have a lot of outfits documented over the past three years or so. some i still love and would wear, while others are long gone from my closet...never to return. it makes sense that my style would evolve as time passes, but it doesn't seem so dramatic when it happens over time, versus over night. certainly, there was a day that i probably wouldn't be caught dead in an oversized sweater (that looks like something my grandfather probably owned) or a time when i couldn't wear any shoe with a heel for more than 10 minutes. my, how times have changed! 

on a grander scale, i can look back and see how i've evolved as a person, too. things that used to be important to me don't seem as important anymore, and vice versa. when i look to the future and what i picture my life to be, it's vastly different than what i pictured 3, 5, 10 years ago. and that's the cool thing about life. we're all on a different path going to different things and that path will more than likely change, sometimes slightly and sometimes completely. i remember a time when i thought i'd never live in a big city, and here i am feeling like i could never leave Chicago and be perfectly happy.   but, a year from now, that could be totally different. i've learned that it's about being along for the ride, taking things as they come and being open to whatever may come along. you never know what one decision could change your life, ya know? 

today's deep thoughts brought to you by one week of being 25 years old and possibly having a tiny quarter-life crisis. and yes, this outfit. who knew clothes could be so inspiring? ;)

p.s. i had a rather difficult time figuring out what to title this post. i'm fairly convinced that's the hardest part of blogging.

top | LOFT
sweater | Gap
jeans | ZARA
booties | DV by Dolce Vita
necklaces | Elisabetha Ashlie (here and here)
earrings | Anthropologie