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Saturday Style | 46

cardigan | long sleeve | leggings | scarf | bag | boots


Coffee Conversations

mug is from Elisabeth Ashlie 
Coffee Conversations are back! I had a bit of an identity crisis towards the end of last year as to what I wanted to call this series, but I always write it out when I'm drinking my morning coffee, so...this just feels right. 

Hello, 2017!

I've officially climbed out of the deep, dark hole that was "holiday time". YOU GUYS, it was crazy. The 3-ish weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas had me working 12-16 hour days, working on weekends, and overall wanting to pull my hair out. But, everything was accomplished, shipped, wrapped up, and complete by the end of it, by some miracle. I took a break from 12/20 to the end of the year and it was pretty perfect. I even felt bored, which was something I hadn't felt in awhile.