Bath Favorites

i feel like the idea of taking a bath is completely polarizing. there are people, like my mom and me, that couldn't live in a home that didn't have a tub to soak in and there are people, like my sister, that generally thinks the idea of taking a bath is the worst possible thing in the world (although, i think she might be slowly changing her ways...a tiny bit). for me, it's a time to relax and unplug from reality for a second. i typically light a candle, turn the lights out, and do nothing but just lay in the hot water for a little while. sometimes, i'll have my phone or a good book to accompany me. 

although i'll take a bath just about anyway it will come to me, i prefer to spice it up a little bit with bubbles, oils, salts, candles, and the like. here's a few of my favorite bath-time products, as of late:

'go be lovely' bath salts -- smells amazing (as does anything coconut scented) and softens the water nicely

c.Booth honey almond nourishing bath & body wash -- creates a good amount of bubbles and adds a velvety feel to the water. also, smells delightful. 

sonia kashuk's purple seductia lotion -- be warned: this is the most potent scented lotion i've ever used. if you're sensitive to smells, this may not be the best option. if you like to actually smell like the lotion you put on, go buy this in bulk. 

philosophy's vanilla cream topping bath and shower gel -- perfect for travel.

origins clear improvements charcoal mask -- i love applying a face mask before i get in the bath to give it time to really work on my skin. this charcoal mask is the best i've used and makes my skin feel clean, soft, and vibrant.

tree hut shea body butter in coconut lime -- again with the coconut. i can't resist! i love this body butter for the winter when my skin gets especially dry. i lather up nice and good just after getting out of the bath and it's very hydrating.

julep's bare body milk -- hydrating and soaks in quickly, so it's good to apply just before getting in bed without worrying about smearing your lotion on your sheets.

decorware milk bath remedy candle in sakura blossom soak -- i mean, how fitting?


Apartment Tour: Bedroom, Part One

when we walked through this apartment the first time, i remember walking down the long hallway from the living room to find the bedroom of my dreams. more square footage than i know what to do with, a separate bathroom, and natural light pouring in. within about 3.8 seconds, i had the room decorated in my head. i quickly checked myself so that i didn't get too excited, since we weren't even sure if we were going to get the place. 

we walked out of the apartment, all stunned, and exploded with excited 'OH MY GOSH's and 'WE HAVE TO LIVE THERE's. we went home, did some calculations to be sure that it fit in all of our price ranges, and filled out an application online. the second i hit the 'send' button, i clicked right on over to Pinterest and started planning for my bedroom and bathroom. 

and now, as i sit here at my desk, i can say that it turned out better than i ever even imagined. i love my room. since i spend the majority of my days working in it, i knew that i wanted a space that was welcoming, inspiring, and light. i worked with the color palette of white, grey, gold, blush pink, and touches of tiffany blue. 

here's a look at my bathroom and sitting area:

wall art | marshall's
terrarium | stein's
'hello gorgeous' card | rifle paper co.
bath salts | anthropologie
tissue holder | target
geo rock soap | anthropologie
white/gold leaf plate | target

the sitting area has yet to actually be sat in by me for more than 5 minutes, but i have big dreams for it. ya know, cozying up with a good book or opening up my laptop to get some work done with a change of scenery. things like that. coming from a bedroom before where the only place for someone to sit was my bed or my desk chair (which was about a foot and a half from my bed), it's nice to have extra space to spread out when i have guests in my room.

up next: part two, which includes my striped wall and new dresser

chair | ikea
blanket | marshall's
pillow | hobby lobby
stool/footrest | walmart
rug | safavieh via home goods
table | home goods
candle | marshall's
lamp | home goods
'blah' art | target
terrarium | stein's
vase | world market


Flannel + Leather

is it gross to admit that i've worn these leggings 5 out of the past 6 days? i can't get enough. they're the perfect combination of comfy and cool. they go with basically everything and are thick enough that they actually keep my legs warm on these chilly days we've been having in Chicago. i'm about this close to buying another pair, just because i know i'm going to wear the life out of them over the next several months. and the leather detail is my favorite. 

fall is definitely my favorite season to dress for. since my wardrobe is mainly made up of neutrals and earth tones, i feel like i get the most use out of my clothes in the fall. layering up simple tees with cody flannels or chunky sweaters is one of my favorite things to do. throw on the world's most comfortable leggings, a pair of booties, and a swipe of lip tint and you're good to go. 

consider yourself warned: you'll be seeing a lot more of these leggings in the months to come. 

flannel | h&m
leggings | j.crew factory
booties | target (similar)
necklace | elisabeth ashlie


Apartment Tour: Dining Room + Bar

the first time we were shown this apartment, i remember thinking, 'oh my GOSH! a real dining room! '. in my last place, there was barely enough room in the main area for a couch and tv, let alone a kitchen table and chairs. the prospect of living in a place that would accommodate my big ikea table (and other furniture!) was pretty exciting. ironically, as soon as we knew we were going to be living here, we all started stressing about what on earth we were going to do with this huge dining room. what used to seem like a huge dining table now looks small in all this open space. but hey, the more room the merrier! 

it was my mom's genius idea to use the extra side table we had on the bar unit. it adds height (which we needed) and extra storage space, which is always a good thing. the other corner with the chair and skinny shelves is sort of a mish-mash of leftover furniture we didn't know what to do with, but it works! 

this room is probably the most 'work in progress' room in the place. since it's so big, it may always feel that way. the bar unit is still to be filled in with things, but that will come with time! it's also the room with the most color, for sure. it's fun to have a room like that, though. especially when the rest of the apartment is fairly neutral. we kinda just threw all of our bright stuff in here and made it work. 

all i know is that i feel like a real adult having a table to sit at when i eat dinner. 

dining table | ikea
benches | home goods
grey faux fur rugs | home goods
leather dining chairs | ikea
bar shelving unit | ikea
yellow chair | home goods
black shelving unit | ikea


High Five for Friday

happy friday, peeps! it feels like tuesday to me, so this is weird. this week marks officially being unpacked, decorated, and totally moved into my new apartment. so, it's a good week. 

1. one of my roommate's and i went to Renegade Craft Fair in the Wicker Park neighborhood last weekend. while i left empty-handed, it's always fun for me to walk around shows like that to see what other artists are making. there were some things that were very tempting (mostly terrariums), but i resisted. if you're in the area and never been, you should check it out next time they're here! 

2. the cats are settling into the new place well! since this apartment is more than triple the square footage of the last one, it took them a few days to get used to all the space and not get lost. i'm pleased to share that Otis' favorite thing to do it run, at lightening speed, from my bedroom to the living room for no apparent reason. maybe out of joy because he loves it so much? who knows. 

3. my mom was a rockstar this week and spent two full days helping me hang things and clean. if it were up to me, i'd still be trying to hang the first picture by today (concrete walls + plaster do not an easy nail hole make). truly, it's so great to have a mom that's willing and happy to come help me with things like this! 

4. FALL WEATHER HAS ARRIVED. (at least, temporarily). i'm thrilled, thrilled, thrilled. if not for the fact that we have no air conditioning so having the windows open with cool air is a lifesaver, then definitely for the fact that i can finally wear different clothes. anyone else sick to death of their summer clothes? 
check instagram to see where items are from
5. as i've hinted at a couple times, i'm working on some things for Elisabeth Ashlie that i'm really excited about. i've made a lot of progress this week and it's making me very excited to share it with you all soon! 

hope you have a great weekend! 

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