a couple days ago i decided to take a little trip over to one of my favorite little stores, Francesca's. i was on the hunt for a new bag for school and some fall clothes, so i thought i'd see what they have. as i approached the store, i saw a "buy one, get one 50% off" sign. uh oh. this could be dangerous, i thought. i mentally prepared myself to not buy everything in the store, and walked in. there was SO much cute stuff, it took me about 5 rounds through the store to finally make my decision about what to buy. i ended up with this awesome bag for school:

i also found some great earrings. now some of you may think "wait, doesn't she make jewelry?" well, yes, i do. but when i see something like these beauties, i can't resist buying them. plus, they were bogo 50% off, so i just HAD to! here's the first pair, and they're perfect as is:

however, this second pair of earrings, although beautiful, were a little too long and a little too heavy for my ear so i decided to do a little earring makeover on them! here's what happened:
this is what i started with

i disconnected the top post from the rest of the earring...

and added gold earring hooks to the bottom part of the earring. this way, they're still very similar to the original earrings, but not as long and heavy!

then, i wanted to do something with the post part of the earrings, so:
this is what i started with and then i cut off the post: 
so now i just had two earrings that i could add hooks to: 
and this is what happened!
so now i have two awesome pair of earrings!

so, that's my earring makeover! don't be afraid to buy jewelry that needs a little tweaking. sometimes i see things that are really great except one little thing, so i buy it and make it my own. 

some of you are thinking, "i don't know how to make jewelry or fix it!" never fear! if you have some jewelry that you need adjusting or changed, my sister or i would LOVE to help you out. just check out our etsy shop and let us know what you want done! we can do custom orders for a very reasonable price and would love to help you love your jewelry.

happy makeover-ing! :)