from a disease called "perpetual craftinitis". it's a rare but serious disease. one in twelve people suffer from it.

you totally believed me, didn't you? but really, i have this serious problem where anytime i'm not doing a craft, i feel like less of a human and immediately start doing another craft. this time, i had this poor, sad, very blank wall:
see those two little harmless looking alarms...
they are actually satan's offspring. why? read here.
and a pile of poor, sad, very blank canvi (my plural form of "canvas")

so, i put my little thinking cap on and came up with a little DIY project that would turn those poor, sad, very blank things into beautiful, incredible, and perfect (not all) things. here's the process:
1) i stared at my blank wall for about a month, trying to come up with something to do with it.
2) i went up in my attic yesterday and saw my pile of unused canvi that were just begging for a purpose.
(que lightbulb)
3) i went to michael's [which i go to about as often as i go to target, which i go to about four times a's just wrong, i know]
4) i found these wooden letters:

and these two beautiful colors of spray paint:
satin meringue and classic grey [gloss]
5) i came home, and this happened:

i went outside and spray painted the canvi with the classic grey. i used two coats to make sure that they were covered on all sides. and remember, always spray paint in a well-ventilated area...i do not want to be responsible for any hallucinations.
paint and let dry at least one hour before handling.
i let them sit overnight before i attached the letters.

then i painted the letters: 
same procedure as the canvi, easy peezy.
then i figured out the placement on the canvi [has anybody else gotten sick of my overuse of this not-actually-a-word word?], and decided on this:
for those of you who are wondering, this is a reference
to one of my favorite verses, micah 6:8.
simple and to the point, that's how i like it.

so i settled on this placement, and proceeded to simply hot glue the letters to the canvi [there's that darn word again]. don't use too much glue, otherwise it will look like your letters are crying...or sweating. not a good look. 

i let the glue dry and here's the final product:
i apologize for the atrocious lighting. i took this photo at 8pm
so the only natural light around was the moon and, well, it just wasn't cuttin' it.
i'd say my wall looks a little bit better now. and how cute are those flowers?! they're made from napkins. yep, i said napkins. another easy project!

i'm happy to say that my perpetual crafitinitis symptoms have subsided for the moment but i know it won't last long.