a few months back, when i traveled home to chicago, my mom, sister, and i did some antique store shopping in wisconsin. i found some really treasures but had to wait until my mom was down in south carolina to get them because i couldn't fit them in my luggage! the anticipation has been killing me. but, i finally have them. it only took about  2.5 days to put them in their proper place...and i'm still trying to decide if i like what i've done with them all. so, why don't you take a look?

the only true antique in this photo is the hand egg beater. the rest of it is from hobby lobby, but i love the retro stuff and it goes perfectly with my kitchen!

i loveee these antique spice cans. i wish spices still looked like this. 

and this antique kraft american cheese box was a must have. 

new kosher salt container! perfect, right?

i really liked these two things too...but i'm still searching for a home for them.

my mom got me this awesome printer's tray for a few bucks. oh, the possibilities.

i finally got my antique metal fan. hooray!

i love this little beauty.

i still need to get some of the junk off of it...but it adds to the antique-ness, doesn't it?!

and of course, lucy. she's not an antique. i just love her. and my new dress from target.
so, there you have it. my home is now filled with new antiques. yeee! 

on another note, my mom also brought me some of my christmas decorations from home. yes, i am that girl that has decorated my whole bedroom for christmas since i was 13. yes, i did have a full-size christmas tree in my bedroom. and yes, i'm proud of it. i love christmas. the decorations are currently in boxes downstairs and it's taking everything in me to not pull them out and set them up. it's a little too early though, right?