i discovered two new things about myself the other day. let me first preface this by saying that i was driving home from work after a 5 hour floor shift and teaching a 3 hour class so, needless to say, i was kind of exhausted. 

the first new discovery i had: carrots without dip are not worth eating. some of you are probably cringing at the fact that i would ruin such a healthy snack with dip, but after my non-dip-carrot-eating experience, i would suggest that i actually saved a healthy snack...from never being eaten by me. however, i was so hungry that it wasn't until about the seventh plain carrot that i realized how bad they tasted to me. i decided to wait until i was home to eat something.

the second thing i realized, which i kinda already knew, is that one of the most frustrating things is when a person is riding their bike and they are pretending that they are driving a vehicle...worse than that? being stuck behind them. and then having that weird interaction where you try to communicate with each other about driving around them without running them over but they're speeding up so they don't get run over...it's awkward and kinda annoying. i apologize if you are one of these people or you know one of these people...not because i may have offended you but because you are one of these people or know one of these people. i kid, i kid. but really, i think bicycles should be reserved for the sidewalk. or those weird bike lanes on some roads.

in other news, how freaking cute is this?

my little bandit. 
the cats love it, i mean loveee it when i change the sheets on the bed. i don't know what they think is going on but i know that they think it's the best thing in the world.