i arrived at my parent's cottage in south carolina yesterday right as the sun was setting. it was a beautiful drive into our neighborhood and i'm so happy to be here relaxing and getting to spend some q.t. with my mom, aka doodle. [which is her nickname, which many people have started calling her, which is hilarious.]

i got in the house and was greeted by doodle and our dog, riley. i set my stuff down and walked into "my" room here at the cottage and was immediately speechless. what i was witnessing was so exciting, i'm pretty sure a tiny hallelujah chorus was ringing in my ears. hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah....you get the point.

standing before me were two of the most beautiful things i have ever laid my eyes on. ok, i'm being dramatic...but the excitement hasn't quite worn off yet, so bear with me. 

ladies & ladies [i don't think many gentleman read my blog], meet lucy. my beautiful dress form that i have been thinking about ever since i first saw her a month and a half ago at t.j.maxx. she is now mine. and i will love her forever. 

she's also my 22nd birthday present, which is funny because my birthday isn't until december. 

ever since i told my mom about her, she was on the hunt at every t.j. maxx she went to. she finally found her once she got down here to south carolina and just couldn't resist getting her for me for my birthday! thanks, mom!

and part two of the best gift ever came in this box...

that's right people, i finally got my rose gold watch!!! i love it, i love it, i love it. i cannot wait to wear it today!

in other exciting news, my mom is going to have a guest post on my blog tomorrow! not only is she a great mom and friend, but she's an incredible interior decorator. seriously, amazing. she's going to be sharing some photos of some antique windows that she's incorporated into her home decor. you don't want to miss it! so check back here tomorrow for it!