i love layers. any season. any weather. don't matter...gimme layers. seriously, even in the boiling hot summers here in north carolina i rarely have just one layer on. it's weird and unnatural but it's who i am. ok, not really, but i've been layering my clothes since about 2001, so i'm kinda stuck in my ways. 

it's getting chilly here in these parts...so fall layers are in full effect. 

i started with this new dress from francesca's. i went there the other day [what else is new?] and they were having a sale: buy one, get one dress 50% off. how could i not? plus, there's nothing more comfortable than a knit dress and leggings in the fall. dream of dreams to wear that everyday. and now i have two more dresses to add to my fall arsenal. 

dress: francesca's
leggings: h & m
boots: wet seal
earrings: elisabeth ashlie jewelry

it was a little chilly outside, so i decided to add this scarf. and, bonus...i'm wearing stripes with stripes! eeeek! it can be done!

scarf: gap outlet 

and finally, i added my fall jacket because, well, i love it and it was cold. 

jacket: banana republic outlet 

layers can be your friend, too. i'll share.