...but not a plaid poncho. that would be a little over the top. in honor of real fall weather [we're talking 45 degree mornings], i thought i'd throw on some typical fall plaid and a new oatmeal colored poncho from target. oh, and that plaid top is from walmart. and i think it was $8. holla. 

layers are good. but you want to make sure that one of the layers shows your waist. notice the fit of the top part of the plaid shirt...you can tell that it fits me! [it actually ties in the back, but you can't see it with the poncho on] when i added the poncho, i didn't need to belt it because the top underneath is fitted enough so that this outfit doesn't add an extra 20 pounds, which is what can happen if you have a loose shirt and a poncho on! no bueno, chicas!

plaid top: walmart, purchased circa 2008 : )
poncho: target, fall 2011 
denim: gap, spring 2011
shoes: rack room shoes, fall 2011

also, i love hoods. on anything. so, naturally, i love it on this poncho too.

**ponchos can be hard to wear without looking like you recently lost 200 pounds and your clothes don't fit...i have a great tip for how to belt a poncho, which will be the topic of my outfit post in a few weeks!