here's five reasons why it's the best time of the year:

1. north carolina is beautiful during the fall. i was home in illinois last weekend and basically all the leaves have fallen off the i lived there for 21 years, i do not know. raleigh is the "city of oaks", so it makes sense that it's absolutely breathtaking when the leaves change. 
this is pretty much what the entire city looks like.
although, clearly this is not raleigh. there are mountains. 

2. it's the season of decorating for christmas. it may be a little early, but most of my christmas decorations are up, even my tree. eeeek. 

milo & otis are really diggin' the tree...and there's always at
least one ornament on the floor every morning, those sneaky little nuggets.

3. tis' the season for duke basketball.  yep, i'm a duke fan. thanks to my brother-in-law who is a die-hard duke fan. i mean, he hates carolina. he's proud to have another fan in the family.
i decided i need a duke shirt to wear while watching the games at my sister and BIL's house

4. my birthday is in less than a month! i'm turning the big 2-2 this year. makes me feel old. i'm not sure how i like it.
i do know that i wouldn't mind receiving this beauty on my birthday. hint, hint [family].

5. it's time to start buying christmas presents for people! ahhhh. where has this year gone?! i started my list [in class, of course] of gifts to's small but will definitely grow over the next few weeks. i love buying gifts for people...almost as much as i love receiving them : )

does anyone else love this time of year as much as i do?