okay guys, we need to have a serious talk. this is an intervention. 
just kidding. but really, i think this will be helpful to some people. 

since i don't have an outfit post today [i've been so slacking on those lately, my fault], i thought i'd dispel [this is supposed to be the word pronounced "dis-spell", which is how i feel like it should be spelled, but it's spelled with one "l"...i think i'll be retiring this word from my vocabulary starting now] a little fashion myth: that black and brown do not go together.

the lords and ladies of fashion are cringing right now. 

to all my fashionistas out there, i'm sure you rock black and brown together. to all of those gals who thought it was a no-no, you need to start rocking black and brown together. i'm telling you, it will change your life. and you will wear a lot more of your clothes. at least, i know i do. 

here's how it can be done:



so, ladies, it can be done. and it can be done well. i'm sure it could be done not so well, too. 

tips for wearing black and brown together:
1. remember - neutrals go with anything, even each other!
2. keep it simple - the fact that you're mixing two colors that half of the world thinks shouldn't be mixed says enough!
3. wear it with confidence - even if no one else in the world likes your outfit, you should love it. that's all that matters. you can make any outfit look good by walking with confidence. 
4. a great way to subtly mix the two is adding an animal print, if you like animal prints!
5. just do it! take a risk and rock it!