the christmas shopping season is upon us. each year that i've gotten older, my christmas list has gotten shorter. it's not because i don't want things, it's because the things i want tend to be more expensive. ya know, grown up things. not toys or clothes from the limited too [which i used to get a lot of every christmas]

so far this year, i'm only asking for three things
1. the bowl scraper spatula for my kitchen-aid mixer
2. a food processor
3. money towards an iPad
[seriously, how old do i sound?]

i always have a real christmas list and a dream christmas list - things that i would love to open on christmas morning but are just too expensive to even feel okay about asking for them. below are a few of those things:

1. Polka Rounds Clutch from Anthropologie

2. Vince Camuto Marken pumps

3. Hunter's
4. Gemstone Ring
5. Ruffle Duvet Cover

what about you? what's something you would just die for this christmas?