1. it was 65˚ yesterday. on december 15th. i actually broke out in a tiny sweat at one point.

2. becoming a mark. rep! check out my personal store here.

3. i caved and bought myself a pair of hunter boots...which i've been swooning over for about a year. i cannot wait to get that beautiful package on my front step.

i went this olive green boots and cream socks :)

4. antibiotics & probiotics. not for me...poor little otis is sick. but i'm pretty sure he's on the mend now. he's become much more snuggly and happy over the past day.

he was sleeping under my desk while i was doing
some work...poor little guy is worn out

5. passing my accounting class!!! i have never been more happy to pass a class and know that i never have to take it again. ever. ever. hallelujah.

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