this, my friends, just might change yo life. 

i'm talking about mark.'s What A Line felt tip eyeliner. it's like a marker...but it's eyeliner. super easy to apply. great alternative to the typical liquid eyeliner with the tiny brush that smears all over your eyelid. or maybe that's just me.

i told you guys about the Mac fluidline pot that i use for eyeliner in my make-up tutorial. which i love. but i've wanted to try more of a liquid eyeliner for a more dramatic look. mark.'s did the job.

see, it looks just like a marker!

i applied it only on the right side (my left eye)
so that you can see the difference between the two

it's only on the left side (my right eye)

for a softer look, apply the eyeliner and then use a smudging brush to
smudge it into your eye shadow. the line won't be so
defined but you will still see the eyeliner.

this is how it looks smudged, on the right.

interested in trying this awesome eyeliner?
let me be your mark. rep!

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