monday, you're not my favorite. but i like you okay today because i'm getting my hair cut & colored. which i'm basically desperate for.

in other news, i find this funny.

my BIL and i were at the duke game. it was depressing mostly. hey, at least we're not dramatic at all.

in other other news, i found out this weekend that my best friend is coming to visit for her birthday in three weeks. i don't think i could be more excited about it. although, if you ask me tomorrow, i probably will be. 
that's her on the left, at her birthday last year!

i also told her that she could share my bed with me. this is huge, people. i have a weird [read: totally normal] thing about other people sitting on or sleeping in my bed.  sam knows this so she likes to purposefully put her feet all up on my sheets and snuggle up nice and close to all my pillows. i tend to never share my bed. i mean, never. but i currently have a malfunctioning air mattress so that means i have to share.

here's her reaction to my incredible generosity:

i guess i need to go back to kindergarten. caring is sharing, right?