i've had a couple people ask me about my tattoo on my arm, which can be seen in some of my photos. so i thought i'd do a little post about it, as well as my other two tattoos.

i've always liked tattoos. i like that they're an individual expression of a person, and that they can be incredibly unique and meaningful. it's art that you carry with you each and every day. for me, my tattoos represent something that is integral to who i am as a person. they represent my faith in jesus. 

let's start with my first one, shall we? i got it when i was a senior in high school, just two months after my 18th birthday. i knew what i wanted when i was about 17, but waited a year to make sure that i still wanted it when i was able to get it. 

the tattoo is the word "agape", in classical greek. [a lot of people think i'm greek because of it, but i'm not!] "agape" is the greek word for love, specifically the love of God for mankind. it's a word for unconditional, sacrificial, selfless love. the kind of love that can only come from God. 

i chose the spot for my tattoo for a couple reasons. first, as part of my faith, i believe that God created the world and everything in it. He created it with his hands, so i wanted my tattoo near my hand. second, some people believe that spot is where a vein leads directly to your heart (which is why, traditionally, wedding rings are worn on your left ring finger). whether this is scientifically true or not, i'm not sure. but i like to think so.

what i love about my tattoo is that it's a daily reminder that God loves me. and that i need to try to love people with that kind of love too.

parts two and three coming soon!