remember when i told you guys about my first tattoo?

here's the story behind my second:

i got this one about a month after my 19th birthday, just under a year after my first one. i thought about this tattoo for about six months before i got it.

it's faded a bit since i got it. getting it touched up
has been on my to-do list for about
2 years. someday, i'll actually do it.

this one is a dove of peace. it's on the right side of my rib cage, which you can kind of tell from the second photo. out my three tattoos, this one was the most sore afterwards. it pretty much felt like i got kicked in the ribs...for about five days straight. it was worth it though :)

this tattoo has a few layers of meaning. first, in the Christian faith, a dove represents the holy spirit, following the story of the spirit descending on Jesus when he was baptized in the Jordan River. second, i chose to have the branch in the mouth as a representation of the promise of the holy spirit living in me (think: the story of noah sending out the dove to find a branch and the dove returning with one, telling noah that the water had receded, as God promised it would). third, the branch is green, making it look like it's living, to represent that the holy spirit is alive in me. and fourth (i told you there was a lot of meaning), i chose to get it on my ribs because that spot is about as close to my "soul" as i could get.

so, there you have it. tattoo number two.