friday, i officially love you. 

today marks my first official day of spring break. i'll be celebrating by sleeping in, snuggling with the boys and, oh yeah, working a busy friday night shift. 

but, before all that, let's review five of my favorite things from this week.

1. i found out on wednesday that my brother-in-law got into DUKE for grad school! so proud of him & excited for him!

2. due to the event in number 1, my BIL, sister and i went over to duke last night to load up on new shirts and explore his new school. we decided to get a quick dinner on our way out of durham. we park and start walking to chipotle and that's when i see him. mason plumlee (one of the duke basketball players). walking across the parking lot. 15 feet in front of me. i literally stopped dead in my tracks. i was so frozen that i couldn't even say his name or ask for a picture. 

but my sister did get this totally creepy normal picture of him
walking into his apartment building. see that little white blob?
yeah, that's close to 7 feet of goodness.

3. the boys have been extra cute when they're sleeping these days. i just can't get enough of their little curled up heads.

4. season 5 of mad men starts in just over three weeks! eeeeep!

5. did i mention that i'm on spring break? this means lots of relaxing, going to the gym, cleaning my place, making new jewelry, spending lots of time working on the blog, and shopping for some new decor for my place! i love spring break.

happy friday, lovely readers! 

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