yes, it's that time again. do you believe it?!

this week has been pretty great because it's my spring break! a whole week without class? seriously, a dream.

let's have a look back at five of my favorite things from this week, shall we?

1. my hair has finally reached it's goal length. although, now that it has, i have a new, longer goal length. i have been growing out my hair for at least seven years, no exaggeration. it's still hard to look at this picture and actually believe that it's the back of my head.  

2. nugget #2, aka milo, is the sweetest sleeper ever. 
i'm sure that watching birds for hours is super exhausting

3. i'm seriously into the glittery nail trend right now. 

4. i found the perfect pair of jeans at banana republic yesterday. perfect fit, perfect length, perfect wash. oh, and they were on clearance for $27. booyah. 

5. i finally downloaded j.d. greear's book, gospel, onto my ipad. he just so happens to be the pastor at the church i attend here, so i know it will be great!

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