who actually pulls pranks on april's fools day, you ask?

this girl.
{on the left}

for a couple weeks, she'd been talking about maybe moving down here this summer while she takes a year off before grad school. who doesn't want their best friend to move 1,000 miles closer, right? so, i was totally excited at the possibility of her being here. in her mind, she was for sure moving. but, she still had to talk to her family about it...ya know, get some parental wisdom or whatever. she told me she was going to talk to her dad on sunday and would let me know how it went.

and then i got this text.
{cue the shot to the heart}

she's Mrs. Plumlee in my phone because she's mildly obsessed
with Miles Plumlee (Duke basketball player) and also mildly
convinced that they will get married one day. and soon.
i was so bummed, like when you realize that it is in fact monday, which means you have to wait three more days for a new episode of the real housewives. that bummed.

so, i immediately called her, got a somber sounding "hello?" and knew it was all over. all my hopes of staying up late eating ice cream and watching the real housewives (just kidding, i'm not that obsessed), of going to duke games together, of going to the mall every day once in a while. gone faster than my fleeting desire to go to the gym.

and then she did it. she said the words that sounded like an angel's chorus. 
"APRIL  FOOLS!!!!!!!!"
to which, of course, i responded with a few choice words and could not believe that she actually pulled off an april fool's joke on me. needless to say, it was a wild roller coaster ride of emotions that i hope to only relive on the final episode of the real housewives (i kid, i kid)

but seriously, she got me. good. 

the only good news is that she's actually, really, definitely moving down here to live with me at the end of july. and i couldn't be more excited.

am i the only one that is gullible enough to believe an april fool's joke?