it's fridaaaaaaay! yeah yeah yeah.
this makes me happy. 
i like friday.

let's get to it, then.

here's five of my favorite things from this past week:

1. otis is my little buddy. no matter where i am in the apartment, i know he's not far. unless he's taking a nap...or wrestling with his brother.

2. the simple pleasures of actually getting to eat breakfast. i never really had time to eat a real breakfast during the semester, so i'm trying to enjoy every one that i get this summer.

3. summer fruit is the berries. er, cantaloupe. i love it. all of it.

4. this happened this week! eeeek! so, so thankful for all my lovely readers (ahem, that means YOU). you guys are the bomb diggity.

5. this little face. can't handle it. 

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