as i was sitting out on my porch the other night, i was suddenly struck by the beauty and mystery of the moon. i've seen it thousands of times and in various forms, but i don't know if i've ever taken the time to just sit and look at it. or to really think about how it got there and how it's there at the end of every day, shining a soft glow on the quietness of the night. it comforted me more than i thought could be possible. it reminded me that we all are here to serve a purpose. you may be thinking, "how on earth does the moon make her feel like that?!" just think about it. if the moon serves a purpose, don't we? don't we all have a reason for being on earth, exactly where we are? it may be for something simple, or maybe for something that will change the world. either way, all of our lives have meaning and reason. 

i have no idea where i will be a year from now. i don't know where i'll be living, what i'll be doing, who i'll be doing it with. nothing. but, what i do know is that it's okay to not know. it's okay to rest in the truth that my life has purpose, even if i don't know it fully yet.