we've made it to another friday. for some of you, that's quite an accomplishment this week, so congratulations! spend today celebrating that you made it through another week! for others, you probably can't believe it's friday already. i just so happen to be with ya on that.

here's five of my favorite things from this past week:

1. my new Q&A book from barnes & noble. you answer one question a day for an entire year, and continue to do that for five years. at the end of the five years, you have a book full of answers to different, random questions. i'm really excited to see how my answers will change over time!
2. a pretty typical conversation with my sister.
3. essie's big spender is my new favorite nail color. it's a perfect purply-magenta.
4. otis was supposed to be overseeing the construction of a new TV stand, but got a little too tired for the job, i guess. 
5. i spent a couple hours of a rainy day in bed and it was glorious, i tell you. i'm really not sure if it gets any better than that.

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