i have a totally kind of, somewhat embarrassing confession to make (besides the fact that i initially spelled the word embarrassing wrong). i'm absolutely, no question about it, sucked-in to one tree hill. yes, i know that i'm about 10 years too late to get on this band wagon but i was in middle school when it became popular and i was more interested in watching the food network than some stupid, dramatic show about 17 year olds getting married and best friend's dating each others' boyfriends. but now, oh now, i'm totally interested in all that drama. i mean, laughter, tears, anger, sadness, joy, everything. i've experienced it all. and i'm almost finished with the last season that's currently available on instant netflix and i might shed an actual, real life tear. 

moral of the story: i have a problem. but i don't think i'm the only one that gets sucked in to these kinds of shows...ah-hem, yes, i'm talking to you!

side note: i think my favorite character is clay. or brooke. maybe both.