so...the unthinkable has happened. i almost forgot to prepare this H54F post on thursday night and have it scheduled to go live this morning.

i got in bed at about 11 and thought to myself, "what is my post about tomorrow?" (15 seconds go by with nothing) "oh, shooooot." i realized that i totally forgot about H54F, but with good reason. i've been on vacation this whole week and have completely lost track of what day it is, which is kinda nice, except when you're supposed to do something on a certain day and you forget about it...

anyways, forgive me, for almost forgetting about my favorite day of the week. but, let's get to it. heres five of my favorite things from this past week:

1. one of the best things about coming back home is getting to eat all the good chicago food that i miss in NC, like portillo's and lou malnati's pizza. i mean, it's so good, it's just wrong.
2. getting to spend lots of quality time with this fool. i mean, we see each other a lot in NC, but it's nice to not have to work around our own crazy schedules for a week.
3. being up at our family lake house for a solid five days...i love this place.
4. going through some boxes of old things from childhood and finding some funny things along the way.
4.5 (yep, i added this number) finding out that my parents were in a magazine back in 1993! who knew?!
5. please, excuse the fact that i look totally ridiculous BUT i was so excited to finally own a duke jersey. you better believe i'll be wearing that thing while watching ALL the games this season. 

how's your week been? link up with your own H54F post below!