1. tomorrow marks my last official day at the retail job i've had for the past year and  a half. with a busy schedule awaiting me in the fall, i've decided to move on to different things and focus on others. it's sad to leave, as i've loved working with everyone there, but it's time to do more of what makes me happy!
2. MY BEST FRIEND IS MOVING IN WITH ME TOMORROW. she's making the drive from Chicago early in the morning and will be here by time i'm done with work! i cannot wait to have her here. (also, that photo was taken a year and a half ago...look how much shorter my hair was!)
3. i enjoyed the sound of an evening thunderstorm while reading Domino magazine and cuddling with one of the fury ones.
4. i love the paper aisle at Marshall's. that is all.
5. went to the flea market with a new friend and had so much fun! if you live in the raleigh area, it's definitely worth checking out!

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