as a blogger, i get to pick and choose what parts of my life and experience i share with my readers. i try to share enough to make you feel like you know me, while being careful to maintain the separation between "blog life" and "real life".

as i've followed other bloggers and consistently read about their life, it's funny how i can start to feel like i'm friends with them and that i know them personally. but i was thinking the other day about how much i probably don't know about them. personality quirks, childhood stories, pet peeves, etc. sometimes, i wish i knew the most normal things about them, because their lives can seem so "perfect". 

so, i decided to share some things about me that you would probably never know unless i told you. brace yourelves.

1. as a child (we're talking like 2 years old), i went through a phase of absolutely refusing to tell my mom that i loved her. she would tell me that she loved me and i wouldn't respond. she would ask if i loved her, and i would say no. this went on for a few months. needless to say, she was slightly worried. eventually, i came around.

2. i am totally, completely, and utterly terrified of tornadoes. i have nightmares every couple of weeks about being in a house with my family and watching tornadoes coming towards us and then i always wake up.

3. in elementary school (i think 3rd grade), i went through a phase of having a speech impediment. i would say something, and then mouth it silently right afterwards. it was like a silent echo. it was weird. and lasted a few months. 

4.  metallic jeans were once a thing...and i just so happened to own a pair. here's proof:

5. i've had more trauma to my head than probably the average child. i fell headfirst on a rock while trying to watch a frog jump under the pier at our lakehouse when i was 2.  when i was around 6, i tripped while running on the sidewalk and landed on my face. when i was about 10, i was accidentally hit in the head with a rock when my brother threw it and didn't have great aim. and, hopefully, that's all. 

6. i'm decently skilled at rapping along to songs on the radio. i also have the entire nicki minaj "superbass" song memorized. and am in the process of working on learning busta rhymes' part in justin bieber's "drummer boy". yep, nicki minaj, justin bieber, busta rhymes.

7. if i could know how to do one thing really well without having to learn it or do any training for it, i would be a graphic designer. no doubt about it. i envy those people who can do amazing things with their computers and their creativity.

8. i'm the nickname queen. dooney, dooney bob, lorna doone, lau, stu, stuart, louis, scoop, LP, lo, scooby, the list literally goes on and on. the one that has stuck the longest is stu. it's what my sister has called me for about the last 6 years.

9. i'm exclusively a stomach sleeper. i've tried to change my ways, but i cannot fall asleep on my side, back, or other side. only my stomach. my back hates me for it.

10. i was totally creepy as a child:

i think i've shared enough for one lifetime day...