i had my first experience with sushi yesterday. i've always wanted to try it but was a little skeptical. i've had seafood maybe three times in my life and i kind of like it that way. it's not so much the taste that i can't get into, but the smell. my dad is allergic to shellfish and i've decided to voluntarily take on that "allergy" to avoid having to eat stuff from the ocean. either way, i had sushi. and i'll be honest, i didn't hate it, but i didn't really love it either. my roommate told me that a california roll was a pretty safe bet, so that's what i went with. she also forced encouraged me to try her shrimp tempura, so i had crab AND shrimp. big deal, folks.

here's what sushi taught me:
1. there's no elegant, graceful, or socially acceptable way to eat sushi.
2. i can't use my typical "tear off a tiny piece and eat, piece by piece" method of eating. i rarely put an entire piece of anything in my mouth at one time (crackers, oreos, pretzels...i just can't do it.) unfortunately, i did not have that luxury with sushi.
3. eating ginger to "cleanse your palette" is another form of removing any and all traces of bacteria in your mouth. i swear, it was like swallowing mouth wash.
4. if something comes with a tail, it's not for me. (read: shrimp tempura)
5. edamame is always a perfect alternative to eating sushi.

sushi, it's been real. we can remain acquaintances, but i think i'll stick to the cooked, non-seaweed wrapped stuff.