i was reminded last night of God's faithfulness. i was doing a little blogging on my porch when i looked up from my laptop and noticed the most beautiful rainbow appearing in the sky in front of me. it was just peeking out over the apartment building across from me and only stood about a hands-length high. i noticed a girl in the parking lot looking to the east and peered over my balcony to see the rest of the rainbow was being blocked by my building (what you see in the photo). of course, i knew i had to try to get a photo of it to share with you guys. it was so colorful and bright, i just couldn't resist.

it's funny because i was totally satisfied with just the little bit of rainbow that i saw at first but once i saw the rest of it, i was amazed at how beautiful it was. it got me to thinking about God's faithfulness and His plan for my life. i'm about to embark on my last year of school in just over a week and i don't have a single clue where i will be or what i will be doing come May. not even the slightest. i know what i like to do and i know what i could be good at...but i don't know how those things will be used and in what type of job. and i'm pretty okay with that. 

you're probably wondering how this ties into the rainbow...let's see if i can make this work...

i think that God has shown me what i'm good at, what i enjoy, what i don't like, what i'm not the best at, what i'm passionate about, what i care about, etc. (think: small part of rainbow that was incomplete) and that He will use those things and guide me to where i'm supposed to be (think: the rest of the rainbow). 

so, here's to trusting in God's plan and knowing that His is always better than mine. 

oh, and to rainbows...because they're pretty.