in case you were wondering, this is how i feel about school. not interested and kind of annoyed. i'm just ready to be done. i could really go on and on with complaints. most of them are made up in my head. very few, of which, have any sort of validity to them. 

and then i check myself and realize that i should be really grateful that i have the opportunity to be educated, far beyond what other people get. and that, at the end of this academic year, i will have a nice piece of paper that proves it, and hopefully a little knowledge, too. and then i realize that it's not so bad after all. quite frankly, i have a feeling i'm going to want this time in my life back once the reality of post-grad life sets in.

so, here's to positivity, a grateful attitude, and teaching otis to look a little less like a murderer in future photos.

p.s. i took two naps yesterday. two. this girl needs to get her act together.