i'm taking the day off today. for one, i was hoping to share my make-up tutorial with you guys but i'm having some technical difficulties with my video (the best) so i couldn't share it with you today.

for another, i was traumatized last night. see below.
i'm telling you, this thing was massive. so absolutely gross. and i had a totally irrational reaction to it, which you can watch/listen to below.

i really had no idea that i was capable of being so dramatic. lucky for me, my roommate was home to search for it after it ran into the closet and eventually kill it. which is funny because she's 100% terrified of spiders and refuses to kill even the tiniest one, but she's fine with cockroaches. i guess that makes us a good team.

needless to say, i'll be spending my day recovering and probably imagining that there are more cockroaches in my apartment coming back for revenge.