i came across a bunch of old photos this weekend that i have saved on my computer. it's funny to think that we all used to be tiny people and now we're grown up and have had so many life experiences. 

also, if given the opportunity to re-live my childhood, i would definitely appreciate nap time much more than i actually did. i don't know what i thought i would be missing out on.

left: obviously thrilled.
right: fashionistas since the start. 
this photo is moderately horrifying. i just feel like we look really scary. also, this was probably the last time my hair was long, before now.  
and you wonder why we're so pale these days... 
family trip in Hawaii in 1999 (how was this over 13 years ago?)
this photo just makes me laugh, mostly because of my brother's ridiculous face
family trip to Europe, photo taken in BesalĂș, Spain
celebrating a birthday with my mom's parents.
note: please notice kate's over-sized glasses. hot.
left: family cruise to Bahamas - getting the most painful braids put in my hair. i'm pretty sure i cried the entire time it was happening. then again, i cried a lot as a child.
right: we were serious tomboy's