kate and i got back from DC last night. we had so much fun exploring the city and walking around. we saw the "sights", including the white house, washington monument, and the smithsonian museum of natural history. we walked around georgetown (which we loved) and ate more food than either of us thought possible. on sunday, we headed over to old town alexandria (in virginia) to walk around and do a little boutique shopping. we instantly fell in love with the quaint downtown area and i'm pretty convinced i could live there. it was so beautiful.

among the exploring, we had our share of funny moments. like when we got a little confused on the metro and ended pretty deep into maryland. or when i asked kate if she had any "earballs" (um...what?). or when we were stranded at the metro station waiting for our hotel shuttle to come pick us up and we started line dancing and singing a song that both of us no longer remember.

overall, it was another successful sister trip. i'm pretty happy to have a sister i like hanging out with on the regular. and one that likes cupcakes just as much as i do.