my sister and i are headed to DC tomorrow for a little girl's weekend. neither of us have ever been before and we're really looking forward to exploring the city. but, before that fun can happen, i have to pack. and i hate packing. like, a lot. mostly because i always over-pack because i don't know what kind of mood i'm going to be in and what i'm going to wear. and, i don't know about you, but i'm pretty sure clothes change during travel and look/fit different every single time. 

so, i need your help! which outfits do you like? 

side note: that giraffe print skirt is bananas (another side note: i'm actively trying to add that word to my regular vocabulary). i picked it up from madewell yesterday and pretty much want to wear it every day. and i'm pretty sure it was made for my fits like a glove. i have a feeling this is just the beginning of a slightly unhealthy relationship with an article of clothing.