pants: Gap // white top: Lucky Brand  // chambray: J Crew (similar) // booties: Kohl's

i bought these pants at gap the other day and a little part of me died. i've been pretty outspoken about my loathing of jeggings since the day i heard about them.

wait...they're jeans that are like leggings but they have pockets and a zipper like jeans but they look like leggings? why not just wear jeans? or leggings? and do you really have to call them jeggings?! 

i think you get the picture. i specifically remember telling my mom that she wasn't allowed to wear them...mostly because of the name and partly because i thought they were weird. well, here we are months later and i'm wearing jeggings. that tiny part of me that died just rolled over in it's grave. i can also pretty much guarantee that i'll get a reaction of "oh, now jeggings are okay to wear. what about when i wanted to buy them before and you wouldn't let me? i see how it is" from my mom.

here's to happily riding on the jeggings train and not looking back. and to hot chocolate, because it just makes everything better.