confession: i decorated for christmas before thanksgiving this year.

that's breaking some sort of cardinal christmas-decorating rule, isn't it? i wish i could say that i'm sorry, but it was actually nice to come home from thanksgiving and not have to worry about pulling the christmas stuff out of my storage closet.

the cats, mostly milo, have made a serious habit of taking naps under the tree skirt. so, unfortunately, what is pictured is how it looks 99% of the time. oh well, you win some and you lose some. they've also snuck into their stocking a few times and tried to free the toys that i stuffed in there, with no success yet.

have you decorated for the holidays yet? what's one thing that you have to have every year? mine is probably that small village you see in the second to last picture. i just love that thing.

p.s. that "joy to the world" print is from HERE.