today, i turn 23 years old. whew, that sounds old to me. even though i know it's not. i guess 23 to me means real life. like, a real job, real income, real bills, and real responsibilities. my life isn't quite as i pictured it would be when i was 8, thinking about how old and grown up i would be. i imagined being a teacher in some inner-city school, probably married, and maybe even thinking about starting a family. oh, that cute little 8-year-old brain of mine. so young and naive. 

instead, i'm living in north carolina with my best friend as a roommate and my sister less than 3 minutes away. i'm still in school, without any clue as to what i will do for a job or career after graduation. i have no plans for children in the near or even semi-near future. and i'm not married, although i do have a pretty cute boyfriend.

a little different than my original plans, right? and i'm okay with that. in fact, i kinda like it. it keeps me on my toes and keeps life interesting. 

twenty-two was a really good year for me. when i think back on the past year, i only have good memories, which is how i like it. but, i'll be honest, i'm really excited for this next year of life. i have a feeling it's going to be a good one for me. 

p.s. today is the day that cupcake and/or any sort of dessert calories don't count. did you know that? well, i just decided it. so, in honor of my birthday, or just the fact that it's tuesday, go out there and eat something sweet for me. and don't you even feel bad about it. i know i won't.