i'm about to make an analogy that some of you will cringe at and others will wish they'd thought of (er...something like that). i woke up saturday morning after a couple of rough, stressful, tiring days. the sun was shining in through my blinds, my bed was the most comfortable it's ever felt, and i felt well-rested. i started to move a little bit in bed and, all of the sudden, Milo was on my bed, purring and ready for some love. he was so happy to see that i was finally awake.

so, i thought to myself: the renewed love and fresh excitement of my cats every morning is like God's mercy and grace. it's new every morning. 

i have a clean slate, a fresh start, a new beginning every single morning. God looks at me and doesn't think about my selfishness, disobedience, and sinfulness of yesterday. He sees a new creation. someone that He loves and adores and wants, so desperately.

because of that, i have renewed hope, joy, and a grateful heart.

and i can look forward to waking up every morning and having another day to give Him the glory.

(note: i drafted this post two Saturdays ago, which happened to be the Saturday that my boyfriend surprised me and showed up at my door. i had been thinking that morning that all i really wanted to do was spend some time with him, because he always lightens my mood and reminds me to laugh. God's provision is a pretty cool thing.)