i figured i'd let you guys in on my little secret that i'm moving to Chicago in august!

as you may know, i grew up in the suburbs of the city and lived in the area until i moved to North Carolina when i was 21.

i've always loved big cities and the energy that they have. i love little coffee shops, the variety of restaurants, the proximity of just about anything you could possibly need, and the presence of so many different people and cultures in a small area. since i was in high school, i've wondered what it would be like to actually live in Chicago, not just visit for a day. when considering where i wanted to go to college, i looked into a couple schools in the city, eventually choosing other places. but, my curiosity about city life hasn't changed the past few years, so i'm finally going to find out what it's like.

i've loved living in North Carolina the past 2 and a half years. the weather, the people, the culture. everything. it's beautiful and peaceful and one of my favorite places in the world. i wouldn't mind settling down in this state and having a family here one day, but i'm not in that stage of life yet. and it will always be here, right?

so, i'm putting my big girl pants on and moving to the city! i'll be living with one of my friends from my undergrad days back in Illinois. it will be a fun change and an exciting adventure. oh, and it will be pretty darn nice to not be a thousand miles away from my boyfriend anymore.

although the thought of not living down the street from my sister is heartbreaking, i'm really excited about this next stage of life. let's just say, FaceTime will be used quite a bit, especially when the tiny one that's going to make me an aunt for the first time finally arrives in December! and hey, i could hate Chicago and move back to Raleigh next year. nothing has to be permanent yet.

so, there you have it. my big news. if any of you (current or past) Chicagoans have any input on neighborhoods, i'd love to hear it!

oh, and if you happen to know of any job openings in marketing, digital marketing, social media, digital media, or just about anything that will pay me to work, let me know ;)
....aaaaaaand, i've reached a new low. Indeed and CareerBuilder would be so ashamed.