let's just say, hypothetically, that i'm going to be Mike's +1 to a wedding this weekend. say, on Saturday. let's also just say that i'm not totally sure what i want to wear. so, let's say i was deciding between two dresses and wasn't sure which one to choose because i love both an equal amount. let's also say that i have another wedding to go to later in July, so whichever dress i don't choose to wear to this one, i can wear to the other one.

let's say i asked you to help me choose which one to wear. also, for the purposes of this hypothetical situation, let's say my makeup will be done differently, my hair may look similar, and i'll definitely be a bit more accessorized. what you're seeing is just the bare bones of a possible outfit for a potential wedding i may be attending.

okay, you caught me. i'm definitely going to a wedding and totally need your help! HAAAALP!