you guys know just as well as anyone that i'm fond of nail polish. it's very rare for me to have bare nails, especially when it comes to my toes. when Katie reached out to me about trying Jamberry Nails i was a bit skeptical. stickers for my nails? i don't know about that. i actually really enjoy the process of polishing my nails, there's something therapeutic about it. however, i was open to the idea of trying Jamberry, so Katie sent me some really cute patterns to try.

the application process was pretty easy and painless. i can tell that it's definitely one of those things that you get better at with practice. i'll be honest, i was a little intimidated when i read through the instructions, but it's easier than it sounds. and you don't have to wait for your nails to dry! dream come true!

here's some details on Jamberry Nail Wraps:
- they're vinyl wraps that use heat and pressure to adhere to your natural/artificial nails for up to 2 weeks (toes for up to 6 weeks)
- wraps are sold exclusively through independent consultants -- you can buy them on Katie's website or click on her ad on the right
- they also have wraps for young girls ages 8 and under - perfect for a birthday party!
- you can create your own personal design through the Nail Art Studio on the site, or choose from over 250 unique designs available. just a heads up: they're currently on special for BUY 3, GET 1 FREE!

interested in trying a sample of the wraps? send Katie an email at!

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