there's no relaxing for the guest of honor -- she helped with the game! 
i was honored to throw my sister's baby shower last weekend with my mom. we, along with wonderful friends and family, had a great time celebrating the little guy that's about to change our lives in a few months! we ate delicious food, enjoyed time catching up and chatting, played a shower game that was actually fun (tell me you know what i mean about bridal/baby shower games not usually being the highlight of the party -- or am i alone in that?), and watched Kate open some great gifts. it's hard for me to believe that there's going to be a tiny little person added to our family in just a couple short months!
for details on this game, google "baby shower memory game". or something like that. you'll find it, i promise.

our grandma was an incredibly talented knitswoman (bah! i just made that word up, i think). anywho, she left behind an entire drawerful of handmade baby clothes for her great-grandchildren after she passed. 

love these gals! i can't wait to hold my little nephew soon! also, he's going to be one stylish little dude.

also also, Zara has the cutest baby clothes on the planet. i bought a couple outfits for him, including this TO DIE FOR sweater.