today's giveaway comes from Christina of Happy or Else. Christina is my kind of girl. she doesn't take life too seriously and she writes like she talks (at least, that's what i think. i've never actually heard her speak, but you know what i'm saying). not to mention, her blog is beautiful. she's a regular High Five for Friday linker upper (although those are both words separately, i'm pretty sure they're not when put together...just roll with it).

did i mention that she's beautiful? here's proof:
so, she divulged to me that she's only been shopping at Target for about a year now. I KNOW. what on earth she was doing with her time before then is beyond me. now that she understands all the glory that is Target, she's giving one lucky reader a $50 gift card! just in time for the holidays, right? although, if i'm being honest, i would totally spend it on myself. i know i'm not alone in that. right? RIGHT?

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