don't ask me how, but tomorrow is New Year's Eve. if you're like me, you still have no idea what you're doing to celebrate the end of 2013 (i'm just gonna go ahead and blame Mike for that one). if you end up RSVP'ing late to that party you were invited to or getting together with friends at the last minute, here's a couple ideas for some outfits you can throw together:

NYE Options

i'm a firm believer in wearing gold and sequins on NYE. there are few other occasions that truly call for them, so i like to take advantage. if you're not so much into the sequin route, go for an edgier look with faux leather leggings and a fun top. if you're feeling extra girly or want an excuse to wear that new leather skirt, add a feminine lace top and bold statement necklace for a glam look.

if i'm being honest, i wish i had three separate parties to attend just so i could recreate these looks with items in my closet. alas, i will most likely end up on the couch in my sweats watching the countdown on TV with the boys, Mike included :)

what's your NYE style? 

by the way, it feels real good to be back to blogging after my weeklong break for Christmas. i missed you guys. and thanks for being patient - i needed some time to recharge and it worked!