How To | Double Wrap Scarf Tie

now that we're well into scarf-wearing season, i thought i'd share one of my favorite ways to wear my longer scarves. i've had quite a few requests for how wrap them, so you can find a step-by-step below! 

1 |  start by wrapping your long scarf around your neck, with the tails hanging in front
2 |  grab one of the two tails with you opposite arm (i.e. grab the right tail with your left arm)
3 |  loosely pull the tail around your neck
4 | the tail should be on the same side that it started on, wrapped once around your neck
5 | grab the other tail with your other arm
6 | loosely pull the tail around your neck
7 | pulling it all the way around your neck, the tail should be back on its original side
8 | adjust the scarf so that the tails are about equal length (rotate it around your neck, if needed)
9 | starting with the bottom loop, loosen the scarf a bit, 'fluffing' it out 
10 | step 9 will have tightened the top loop around your neck, so loosen that one, too
11 | again, adjust the scarf so that the tails are about equal length
12 | i like to have them just a little uneven, then tuck the tails under the loops so they're not sticking out to the sides
13 | 'fluff' the scarf a little more if it's laying too flat
14 | you're done! 

my favorite scarves to tie this way are from ZARA because they're extra long, like this one.

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