outfit details:
 ZARA jeans | Steve Madden shoes | Forever 21 bag | Elisabeth Ashlie necklace | Revlon lip

this past weekend was a work weekend for me. well, partially. Mike and i tried a new Thai place in my neighborhood on Friday night (so good!) and continued catching up with Homeland (also so good!). my mom came into the city Saturday morning to go to a furniture store nearby. i'm helping her redo a couple rooms at the house, so she was looking for some cool accent pieces. we had success! also, it made me really want a house to furnish/decorate.  the rest of my weekend was spent building boxes for the Dearly Box, filling orders, and making some jewels for the show i'm going to be selling at this week! 

while i love to relax on the weekends, there's also something to say for being productive and getting a head start on the week ahead!