happy thursday, friends!

this has been one of the most stressful weeks i've had in awhile, but i'm happy to say that i'm back on the upside of things, and just in time to celebrate getting another year older tomorrow! however, that does mean that i have to venture to the state office today to renew my driver's license and get a new photo taken, which i'm mostly dreading because it's the state's office and nothing good every comes from going there.

on a separate note, i spent about an hour or so going through my closet last night and filled an entire large garbage bag with clothes that i'm going to donate. an entire large garbage bag. like the bag you use for leaves in the yard. tops, tee shirts, sweaters, pants, scarves, sweatpants. you name it, it's probably in that bag. i've been so inspired lately to do my own little capsule wardrobe, or at least pare down my closet to things i actually wear, so last night was a jumpstart for me. now it's a matter of going through the remaining items and figuring out if i, in fact, will wear them. if not, they're going in the bag.

good news, though, is that every single item in this outfit remains. which makes sense, because they're all staples, if you ask me. a great pair of jeans, a lace top, a touch of leather, black booties, and a brown bag? staples, i tell you.

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