i've recently become really interested in watching makeup tutorials and beauty bloggers on youtube. it's fascinating to me to watch how people can change (either slightly or aggressively) the way that they look with products. while i err on the side of a lighter, more natural look, i enjoy watching dramatic tutorials, too.

since watching these videos, i've heard about new products that i've decided to try and these are a few of my favorites:
Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna

i've never used a primer before, but i'm enjoying this Smashbox one. it soaks in quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue. the one product that i'm enjoying the most is the Arbonne liquid foundation. i am not a liquid foundation girl, but this one turned me into one. it goes on so smooth (i use a beauty blender), covers nearly all of my skin imperfections, doesn't feel heavy or look cakey, and lasts all day long. seriously, i'm hooked. plus, it has SPF 15, which is hard to find in foundation. i top it with a light dusting of the Make Up For Ever powder foundation, which is a good powder. it's not too heavy on top of concealer, which is key.

speaking of concealer, i finally tried the Nars concealer that i've seen all over youtube and i can attest, it is awesome. it's so creamy and really does give a radiance to my skin. it's a winner. i blend it in with the Sephora brush, which works really well. 
i was in the market for a new bronzer after dropping and shattering my old one, so i decided to try the Nars bronzer that i've heard good things about. i'm not super picky about bronzer, but i like that this one is nice and pigmented, so i don't have to use a lot of it. it has a little bit of shimmer, which i don't mind, but doesn't make me feel like i'm headed to a Spice Girls concert with glitter all over my face. 

one of  my favorite things is highlighting, and i love this highlighter from Too Faced. i've been using it for a few months now and still love it. it has the prettiest pink glow and looks so, so good in the sun or good lighting. once i have my foundation, concealer, and bronzer/highlighter done, i spray a couple sprays of the Urban Decay make-up setting spray. this was one of those things that i was coaxed into buying in that little section of the checkout line. and i'm so glad i did. for real, my make up doesn't budge all day. it looks just as fresh and good at 9pm as it does at 8am. 
the last thing i picked up with this Make Up For Ever liquid eye liner. i've always struggled with liquid liner because it either feels too heavy or ends up melting as my day goes on. this liner applies like a dream (although, i'll warn you, don't be over-caffeinated when you try applying -- it may be a little shaky.) and stays put. i'm still working on mastering even lines, but the applicator is nice because you can do a really thin line or a more dramatic look. 
have you used any of these products before? which is your favorite?

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