as much as i love makeup, skincare might top it. about half of my week is spent completely make-up free, so i take extra care of my skin to keep it as clear as possible. plus, it's the one thing that you'll always have with you, so i figure i should probably care for it. i like to try out different products, but i have some that are my "tried and true" go-to's. 

i love everything from Origins. although i can't use it all (i'm allergic to something in some of their moisturizers), i'm never disappointed in the formula and results that i get. my favorite skincare product ever is their active charcoal mask.  i use it once a week, usually on Sundays, and it is awesome. it makes me feel clean, look bright, and i wake up the next morning with clearer skin.

since i have sensitive skin, it can be difficult to find a cleanser that really cleans my face, but isn't too harsh. i've been using the checks and balances cleanser for several weeks and really like it. it gets nice and frothy and leaves my skin clean to the touch. it's gentle enough that it doesn't irritate, but still gets the job done. after washing, i use the zero oil toner all over my face and neck. it contains mint, so it creates a tingly feeling, which makes me feel like it's really shrinking my pores. i have oily skin (well, more oily than dry), so i like that it minimizes my pores and removes any excess makeup i still have on after washing. 
i was a wipe-user for removing makeup for years. years, i tell you. i hadn't even considered that face wash could remove my makeup as well as the towelette, so i never tried it. then i started using this cleansing oil and was instantly a convert. my makeup virtually falls off my face with no harsh scrubbing, no pulling at my eyelashes, nothin'. some light rubbing around my eyes and my eyeliner and mascara is completely off. i highly recommend giving this one a try! 

once i'm cleansed, i use this face cream. i started using this a year or so ago and still love it. it smells good, moisturizes well, and doesn't leave a sticky or shiny residue. my cousin gave me this lavender essential oil for Christmas (she's a big oil-er!) and mentioned that it's great for blemishes or breakouts. being the skeptic that i am, i wasn't sure if it would actually work. well, i'm here to testify that it does, in fact, seem to work! it doesn't make them disappear overnight, but it definitely reduces redness and any swelling or tenderness around a zit. plus, i like that i'm not adding extra chemicals to an already affected area. and it smells divine.