another trip with Mike to D.C. is officially in the books! we made it back home last night after a few days of enjoying some time with his family and exploring new parts of D.C. i love that we're able to travel and experience new things together - we've both caught the "travel bug" and often talk about where we want to go next. 

you may remember that we went to D.C. for his first, my second time back in the fall to visit some of his family who had recently moved to the area. we did the classic "tourist" experience in the city - Smithsonian museums, monuments, the harbor, etc. while we both enjoyed it, i'm more of a "live like the locals do" kinda gal. i want to walk through the neighborhoods and try the lesser-known restaurants. this time around, since we had already done a lot of the big things we wanted to on the last trip, we were able to do a bit more of that. we walked through Georgetown and some of the neighboring areas, popped into random places for food (including a DELICIOUS Mexican spot!), and enjoyed a more casual experience. we weren't concerned with getting from one museum to the next in a short amount of time, so we were able to linger a bit more at places we wanted to.   
we did do a little bit of the sightseeing, which included actually walking up to the Washington Monument and through the WWII memorial (both of which we hadn't done before). it's one thing to see those spots in photos or from a distance, but a different thing to actually experience them. plus, the views from the Monument are hard to beat! it feels like you can see the entire city. we also made our way over to the zoo, which was nice to walk around the soak in some of the sunshine and warmth. 
i'm always so bad at taking photos on trips like these because i want to experience things in real life, versus behind a lens, but then we've already moved onto the next thing and i realize that i don't have a single photo. so, we took exactly one picture together. i'm really trying to be better about documenting things, but it's hard! i've made a concerted effort over the last 6 months or so to not be distracted on my phone when i'm with Mike, but that means that we are seriously lacking in the photographic evidence department. 
overall, we had a great trip! 

while i love being able to escape real life for a bit, i'm also glad to be home so that i can get back into my regular routine. after a few days off, i missed working, too!