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hello and happy friday to ya! this week has been a long one for me, but i'm not quite sure why. long weeks are usually the result of anticipating something upcoming (usually on the weekend), but this weekend is one of the first totally free weekends i will have had in awhile. so, maybe i'm anxiously anticipating absolutely nothing on my calendar? who knows.
i've got my hot coffee in front of me and i'm ready for some "water cooler" talk. i made the mistake of sleeping with my windows open last night. it was actually quite pleasant while i was sleeping, but waking up to a 48ยบ room was not the most pleasant. let's just say it was a struggle to throw back those sheets and finally face the chilly air. it seems we have a cold and gloomy day on our hands today, which means that i will hopefully be getting a lot of work done before said weekend. 

i picked up this outdoor set earlier this week and love it! we have a little back porch area at our apartment, so we needed something small and mobile. one thing that i've always wanted since living in Chicago is a little outdoor space and we finally have it! i'm anticipating many workdays spent outside, along with many summer meals consumed at the table. Mike and i christened it with our first dinner last night and it was just the best.

speaking of dinner, Mike requested this mac & cheese, which i first made for our Friendsgiving back in the fall. it has since become my go-to mac & cheese recipe and i'm quite positive it is incapable of being messed up. in fact, it seems to get better and better every time i make it. 

i've had my eye on one of these all-in-one type wallets for awhile now. this one seems to be pretty useful for travel, but i would totally use it as my regular wallet. who doesn't want to have a pen handy at all times?! i like this one, too, but the other one has better color options. 

in my free time, you can find me googling things like this: Top 8 Idiot-Proof Self Tanners. i'm desperate for a little color on my legs before this wedding next weekend! 

alright, i think that's it. for now, at least. have a wonderful (and warm) weekend!